Red Nose Day Australia 2024 (What is Red Nose Day)

Everyone is looking forward to finding out when Red Nose Day Australia 2024 will be celebrated this day. The day may look silly on the surface, but it raises awareness about a very serious problem. Let us find out a little bit about Red Nose Day Australia 2024 and what you can do to celebrate it.

What is Red Nose Day Australia 2024?

Red Nose Day Australia 2024 will raise awareness about a grim affair. Red Nose Day is Australia’s leading agency for safe sleep, pregnancy, and neglect. It seeks to help those affected by a child’s death and reduce from the number of children dying each day. At the moment, nine children die every day and Red Nose Day is all about raising awareness and helping those in need. The ultimate goal is to bring the number of children dying to zero.

Every year thousands of people gather for the Red Nose Day fundraiser. Over the years, over $17 million have been invested in vital studies to help save life, healthy pregnancy, and vital resources for supporting deprivation. And the Australian public contributed to a decline in SIDS of 85% through excellent fundraising efforts and donations.

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Red Nose Day Australia Date

The First Red Nose Day was held in 1988 in Australia and since then it has become a beloved day for Australians to get silly and fundraise to help save little lives and support families. Red Nose Day in Australia held on the second Friday in August. This year Red Nose Day will be held on 12th August 2024.

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What is SIDS?

Red Nose Day Australia 2024 will raise awareness about SIDS. The sudden and unexplained death of a newborn child in sleep is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Death sometimes happens early in the morning and no signs of struggle remain. It is not clear which is the exact cause of SIDS, but hypotheses include environmental stress such as sleeping on the stomach which makes it harder to breathe, overheating, and unintentional suffocation by soft items or during sharing a bed.

The approaches suggested minimizing the risk of SIDS include placing the child on their back when they sleep, giving the child a firm mattress without no loose bedding, and a reasonably cool atmosphere for sleeping. In infants between one month and a year of age, SIDS is the most common cause of death.

Final Words

Now that you know about Red Nose Day Australia 2024 and SIDS, we hope you will make better decisions when it comes to your child or raise awareness among your friends, family, and acquaintances. We hope you will help make Red Nose Day Australia 2024 a success this year!

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