Board Kings Free Rolls 2024: Collect Daily Gifts (April)

Board kings free rolls are one of the Dice dreams games. People who are familiar with playing dice games can play this game. It’s a similar game to the dice dreams game. In this game, you have to collect more free rolls to accumulate the board king’s dice. Without the dice, you can’t collect your dice. It’s better to collect the free links before the rolls expire.

Board kings free rolls is an online multiplayer casual user-friendly game. It’s a board game to play with friends. You can win amazing rewards. You have to defeat your friends. Android and ios users can play this game. As a player, you have to build your kingdom. You have to play matches to level up and get rewards. Amazingly, the game has free.

Board Kings Free Rolls Code

How can you play board kings?

It’s an online board game. You can play the matches on a board. A player has to roll the dice on the board and the dice will move automatically. On this board, you can do a lot more things. Besides, you can steal coins from your friend’s board. While rolling the dice, you can do several more things. While you are playing, you can win stickers, dice, and coins. Besides you can win some other items. By the way, if you are playing the board kings free rolls for the first time, it will guide you through every step. Once you finish the tutorial, you will know everything. It will be a better chance for you to win the game and never miss the rewards. You have to collect your rewards before it expires. People who play this game, collect rewards. They check manually before. You don’t have to collect rewards from anywhere.

How can you get the free rolls on board kings?

Once you play the free rolls on board kings, you can get free rolls. If you want to claim the rewards, you have to download the Board kings game. You can download it from the Google play store. Now you have to connect your Facebook account with the game. Link with the Facebook account. Players who connect their Facebook account with the game can only get the rewards. Then you have to visit the website. You have to set free rolls today links. Finally, you have to click on the collection now option. Then you will get your coins gift.

Date Rewards Claim Now
22 October 2024 30 Dice Claim
21 October 2024 Free Rolls (Big Bonus)
20 October 2024 30 Dice Claim
19 October 2024 30 Dice Claim
18 October 2024 Free Rolls (Big Bonus)
17 October 2024 30 Dice Claim
16 October 2024 Free Rolls (Big Bonus)
12 October 2024 30 Dice Claim

How can you get more rolls?

The rolls are free for you. You can get more free rolls and collect rewards.

Board Kings Friends Codes For Gift: Update Daily

394229359 503553101
288705708 836045608
488915851 339144824
491951167 643258905
965536124 141259026
878375386 922357181
010838067 168678900
268724211 303730700
780263321 157435711
247076008 741364610
826853123 194406850
876025941 920998811
662737753 867393851
665108686 286914412

Invite new friends

Once you invite new friends, you can win more rewards. You can share the Id code of your account and ask your friends to join. It can be a unique board king’s friends code. As you invite your friends, if they join, you will win free rewards.

Roll the dice

When you play the game, you will get free stickers and coins. There is a chance for you when you roll the dice on the board.


To make a complete album set, you can collect more stickers. Besides you can exchange your stickers with your friends. When you complete the cards album set, you can get a higher reward. In two ways, you can get stickers. Either you buy stickers from the store or get free.

Free dice

In every hour of your playing the game, you will get free dice. But you have to wait to refill the dice capsule. You can play with free dice. In one hour, you can get a minimum of five dice. You can increase the number of dice in the next.

Watch video ads

When you want to win gifts, you can watch videos. It will take a short time. Once you have watched the videos, you have to return to the free rolls. There are more rewards for you to play this game.

What is board kings friends code ?

It is a refferal code for every board kings users. When you invite your friends, you have to share your friends code with your friends. You can get this board kings friends code from your account section. My board kings code is : 249-489-974

last Word

This game allows you to earn more coins and gems. With these coins, you can build your city. You can also visit the fields of the players. Whenever you roll the dice, the game will add a sticker to your game album. You can get an update from this website and the official social media page.

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