Shadowverse Promo Codes 2024 (Update List from reddit)

Shadowverse promo codes have added another dimension to the gameplay. Players can get higher-level items and perks just by using the codes, which makes the game even more enjoyable to play.

We have a collection of Shadowverse codes for you that will allow you to redeem those goodies in your account. Let’s check out the codes and discuss how to activate the codes in-game right now.

Shadowverse Promo Codes

Card games are super fun and it has tons of fanbase. Shadowverse is one of the best collectible card games right now as it has brilliant mechanics, smooth gameplay, and a user-friendly interface. You can also get collectible items and cards using the promo codes, which will give you an unfair advantage over your opponents.

You can get these promo codes from our website very easily. And once you get the codes, you can use them in the game to get the perks and items. The best thing about these codes is that it works instantly. And you can use the items you get from the codes in the very next game.

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So, make sure to check out our codes and get your goodies in-game. It’ll take you a few minutes to do that, but you’ll get the rare items and perks in the game, which makes it worth every moment you spend.

Shadowverse Promo Codes Unused List

One thing that you should know is you can only use a Shadowverse promo code once. And after the code is used one time, you can’t use it ever again. That’s why you need fresh and unused codes to be able to redeem your gifts.

Luckily, we constantly update our website with new and unused codes so that you can get your hands on completely unused codes without sweat. That means if you check our website regularly, you’ll easily find new codes every day that works.

Remember, if you can’t find an unused code at the moment, you can visit our website later as you are very likely to get new codes. They are all 100% working codes and will get you the gift items instantly.

  •     SHGF9BSJFESF – Redeem code in shadowverse game.
  •     983YHSJDFDSF – Redeem code in shadowverse game.
  •     23c7aa675c – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     JSFBWUBADSS – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     SIUFGW8BJFSF – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     NEWPRONSSO – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     CUYGEIRR3HF – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     SHGF8WRTISDF – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     UERHIDSHFDSK – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     4YSFLDGHWGS – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     HUSTGDHFDSF – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     STGDF89RSG9S – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     S6UYGHSFDOSF – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     XMOHDSUORE – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     SHIFG893HFDJS – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     BHIS9GUJSSFF – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     SFHDJKFHS934 – Redeem code in shadowverse game
  •     ETRYUSHDFGS – Redeem code in shadowverse game

Shadowverse Active Promo Codes 2024


















How to Activate Shadowverse Promo Codes

Once you have your unused code, it’s time to activate it and get the items in your account. Follow the steps to redeem the gift items right away.

  • Open the Shadowverse game with your account logged in.
  • Now, click on your Avatar to go to access the pop-up menu.
  • Click on the setting button to get to the menu.
  • You should find a Promo Code option there; click on it and go to that menu.
  • Once you’re there, you need to put your promo code in the empty box. Make sure that you put it correctly.
  • Finally, hit the confirm button below, and that should transfer the gifts to your account. If the gifts aren’t redeemed immediately, make sure that you wait for a few minutes before trying again.

How to Find Free Shadowverse Promo Codes??

In every season, the developers of shadowverse game provide some promo codes for their users. Most of the time, these codes are listed on the official pages of the game on different social sites. So, keep an eye on these pages to get the working shadowverse promo codes. If you don’t have the official page links, then check out this article to get them.

Shadowverse Game Features

There are some beautiful features available in the game. We have given a short description of some of them.

  • Players can enjoy the fully voiced story mode or can battle with real-time opponents from around the world
  • Strategize with innovative mechanics that guarantee epic battles
  • The game offers unique paradigms and killer cards to master eight character classes.
  • Summon 2000+ cards, each generously illustrated with jaw-dropping fancy art.

Shadowverse Promo Codes FAQ

How to Get Shadowverse New Codes?

Shadowverse publishes its promo codes on its official Pages like Shadowverse Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. Most of the time, the developers publish the codes for special events like game anniversaries game re-birth, game followers, and game other special events. Visit mahagamer for daily new code for the Shadowverse game and get your free rewards.

I was just kinda checking out the ui when I clicked on the “more” button and there’s a button that says “redeem promo codes” and when I tried the button to confirm the code didn’t work. Is there any way I can get it to work?

You need to be careful about some letters in your code. Uppercase i and lowercase L can look similar in some fonts, and then there’s capital O and number 0 as well. But you do have the correct place to redeem your code, if it’s something like the Champion’s Battle code you would have been emailed for buying the game.

 (and of course, it goes without saying that each code only works once, so if you’re trying to redeem someone else’s code it won’t work)

Where to Redeem Shadowverse Codes?

Most of the peoples searching for where to redeem codes you will redeem this codes in the Shadowverse game and get your free rewards and gift pack for free.

Last Thoughts

If you put in some effort, you’ll surely find some working promo codes on our website. Make sure to use them to claim your gifts and items in the game.

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