Roblox Gear Codes and Item Codes 2024 (Active list)

Roblox gear codes allow you to get free goodies in-game and use them without any issue. You don’t have to spend your Robux or purchase anything to get those free goodies if you use the codes to redeem them.

We have a whole bunch of gear codes prepared for you that you can try out right away. These are all 100% working codes that’ll give you the bonus gears instantly. So, make sure to stick through the end of the article and grab your free gear codes.

Roblox Gear Codes 2024

If you want to get gears in Roblox, you need to spend Robux. Robux is an in-game currency that you need to purchase, and it’s not free. But gear codes allow you to get free gears without doing anything, which is pretty incredible. That allows all the players to get their hands on the premium gear without paying a penny.

You can get the gear codes from our website. We have piled up a lot of codes that you can use in your game and get the gears to redeem your account. So, make sure to take advantage of that and claim your free goodies right now.

List of Roblox Gear ID Codes

Here’s a list of Roblox Ranged Gear ID Codes, which you can redeem to collect further weapons and rewards.

  • 1191150855—Periastron Swordpack
  • 602146440—Pizza Sword
  • 417456986—Plunger Swordpack
  • 1513260464—Pot O’ Gold Sword
  • 238903800—Recycled Cardboard Swordpack
  • 68233678—Red Energy Sword
  • 37821996—Riddling Skull Sword
  • 10468915—ROBLOX Classic Brigand’s Sword
  • 1016164480—Rolling Pin Swordpack
  • 1492226137—Roman Sword and Shield
  • 852552995—ABS GUN
  • 51346271—Bamboo Dart Blowgun
  • 42845609—BB Gun
  • 90718350—Bear Mine Gun
  • 192456288—Black Tie Affair Gun
  • 26017478—Blue Bloxxers Paintball Gun
  • 163353363—Breakfast Gun
  • 563287969—Deep Space Raygun
  • 503957396—Deluxe Coil Gun
  • 18268645—Blast Gun
  • 183355892—Double Fire Laser Gun
  • 168143042—Galactic Laser Gun
  • 34901961—Gravity Gun
  • 27245855—Green Gremlins Paintball Gun
  • 840362298—GUN
  • 32357766—Gunslinger
  • 116693764—Historic ‘Timmy’ Gun
  • 130113146—Hyperlaser Gun
  • 336370943—Laser Gun of Tomorrow
  • 30649735—Magnificent Magenta Paintball Gun
  • 22971409—Nuclear Winter Icicle Gun
  • 456221232—Party Blaster Paint Gun
  • 681419733—Pink Guns
  • 212296936—Red Hyperlaser Gun
  • 26014536—Red Rebels Paintball Gun
  • 268533563—Retro Super Villain Laser Gun
  • 467138029—Robot Dance Gun
  • 157205837—Steamgun
  • 356212933—Steampunk Steam Gun
  • 91360052—Suit Up Gun
  • 29099749—Transmorph Ray Gun
  • 94233344—Trench Warfare Shotgun
  • 65082275—Z Ray Gun
  • 176087466—Zebra Laser Gun
  • 2041982658—8-Bit Immortal Sword The Pixel Maker
  • 361950297—8-Bit Sword
  • 1100939881—Bone Immortal Sword
  • 568894901—Swordpack
  • 1536056643—Carrot Swordpack
  • 383609201—Champion Egg Beater Sword
  • 46132907—Checkerboard Sword
  • 189756588—Christmas Tree Sword
  • 106690045—Classic Swordpack Throwback
  • 327579790—Custom Sword
  • 62673504—Dark Age Ninja Swordpack
  • 147143863—Darkest Arts Sword
  • 67996263—Deluxe Ninja Swordpack
  • 173755801—Diamond Blade Sword
  • 243791329—Double Sword Punch
  • 73232803—Dragon Slayers Sword and Shield
  • 172298750—Sword & Shield
  • 105351545—Dragon’s Blaze Sword
  • 168140949—Dragon’s Flame Sword
  • 160198363—Dynamically Lit Sword
  • 178076749—Sword and Shield
  • 416846710—Epic Golden Sword and Shield
  • 1060280135—Evil Knight Sword
  • 243778818—Fallen Artemis Sword & Shield
  • 1492182830—Fierce Roman Swordpack
  • 833771729—Fire and Ice Swordpack
  • 88146486—First Class Fencing Sword
  • 190204972—Frozen Swordpack
  • 218674280—Futuristic Swordpack
  • 356213216—Gearworks Sword
  • 1760406591—Glorious Sword
  • 264990158—Gold Eagle Sword
  • 226205948—Golden Sword of Spring Growth
  • 60357982—Guitar Sword
  • 244082303—Homemade Sword and Shield
  • 891980433—Immortal Sword American Splendor
  • 689391156—Immortal Sword Celtic Blade
  • 568920951—Endless Ice Slasher Immortal Sword
  • 1678356850—Immortal Sword Future Falchion
  • 416828455—Immortal Sword The Piece Maker
  • 638089422—Venom’s Bite Immortal Sword
  • 319655422—Pirate Swordpack
  • 125013769—Linked Sword
  • 380201789—Magic Rainbow Swordpack Crown
  • 147937443—Mardi Gras Sword
  • 160198658—Midnight Sword
  • 88885481—Military Dress Sword
  • 241017568—Mythic Tides
  • 241017426—Mythic West Wind
  • 1046323916—Motherboard Sword
  • 241511828—Mystic Flames
  • 241512134—Mythic Earth
  • 833771102—Noob Attack Golden Sword Gladiator
  • 287426148—Omega Rainbow Sword
  • 92628079—Sword and Shield
  • 183797762—Longsword
  • 21439778—Shortsword
  • 156467990—Overseer Short Sword
  • 223439643—Overseer Sword & Shield
  • 483308034—Overseer-Warlord’s Sword
  • 57229357—Paper Sword
  • 602144081—Sandwich Swordpack
  • 54694324—Saw Sword
  • 103359953—Shadow Sword
  • 212500257—Sharp Shark Sword
  • 95951291—Skeleton King’s Sword
  • 583157224—Snowflake Shield and Sword
  • 53623322—Sword of Judgement
  • 1016141577—Soulthief Swordpack
  • 20721924—Spartan Sword
  • 96669943—Spartan Sword and Shield
  • 11999235—Spec Alpha Biograft Energy Sword
  • 14876573—Spec Beta Biograft Energy Sword
  • 139578571—Chi Biograft Energy Sword Spec
  • 1180432276—Stealthy Ninja Swordpack
  • 1829078563—Sun Slayer Sword
  • 25740034—Cane Sword
  • 54130543—Sword Fish
  • 62350883—Sword of Ancalagon
  • 77443491—Darkness Sword
  • 99797381—Fiery Justice
  • 431038614—Sword of Glowing Hope
  • 1402322831—Sword of Heartsongs
  • 77443461—Light
  • 21802000—Sword of Nefertiti
  • 1981813154—Starlight
  • 139578136—Sword of Swords
  • 40493542—Autumnal Winds
  • 365674685—Epicblueness
  • 409745306—Epicredness
  • 532254782—Eternal Abyss
  • 121873193Highlander
  • 183826384—Lands
  • 155661985—Seas
  • 93136666—Seven Winters
  • 54694329—Summer Sun
  • 928794651—Waves
  • 42847923—Winter Winds
  • 149612243—Sword of Unvanquished Snakes
  • 147143881—Sword Punch
  • 77443436—Swordbreaker
  • 1241156683—Swordfish Sword
  • 12145515—Wooden Sword
  • 319655993—Beat Up Super Jank Boombox
  • 193769809—Boombox Gear 3.0
  • 409746054—Dual Golden Super Fly Boomboxes
  • 84417281—Dubstep Boombox
  • 212641536—Golden Super Fly Boombox
  • 774864444—Ban Hammer
  • 1242677—Ban Hammer
  • 867958517—50 ban hammers for 50 Robux
  • 478707595—All-Seeing Golem’s Hammer
  • 53623248—Hammer of Shimmering Light
  • 57134119—Foam Hammerhead
  • 972189904—Future Hammer
  • 33866846—Gravitational Radiation Hammer v0.01
  • 335085355—Overseer Smashing Hammer
  • 45177979—Sledge Hammer

Roblox Gear Codes Unused

It’s a matter of fact that you can only use a gear code once in the game of Roblox. Then it expires and you can no longer use that. So, if you want to get free goodies, you need to redeem an unused code.

Luckily, you can get the unused codes from our website easily. Grab the codes as fast as you can and get your gifts in-game right now.

Rocket Launchers ID Codes

Name ID Code
Rocket Launcher  32356064
Exponential Rocket Launcher  90718505
Super Rocket Launcher  190094159

Roblox Gear ID Codes

How to Activate Roblox Gear Codes

Once you have your gear codes for Roblox, it’s time to redeem the codes and get the goodies in your account. Let’s check out a step-by-step guide on how you can do that without running into any errors.

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Click on “Log in” and log into your account.
  • Once you are in your account dashboard, search for the Code Redemption Page and click on it.
  • Now, you need to put your gear code in the required empty box.
  • Finally, hit the Redeem button right below. That should take a few moments to activate the code and that should send the gears right to your account.

Hammer & Ban Hammer ID Codes

Name ID Code
Overseer Smashing Hammer  335085355
Builderman’s Hammer of Shimmering Light  53623248
Stone Hammer  13207169
Ban Hammer  1242677
Ban Hammer  774864444
Star Hammer  45513203
Future Hammer  972189904
All-Seeing Golem’s Hammer  478707595
50 ban hammers for 50 Robux  867958517
Foam Hammerhead  57134119
Sledge Hammer  45177979
Telamon’s Foe Hammer  53623350
Gravitational Radiation Hammer v0.01  33866846

Roblox Gear Codes Today

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t use a gear code that has already been used by another player. As we provide unused gear codes, you can get your hand on the codes easily. However, you can get unlucky from time to time and all the codes might get used that day.

That’s why we update our website with new unused codes every day. So, if you had a stroke of bad luck and can’t find a working code, make sure to visit our website the next day for new and fresh codes.

Roblox Sword ID Codes

Name ID Code
Black and White Sword  191261930
Midnight Sword  160198658
EKoSS Sword and Shield  178076749
Mythic Tides  241017568
Amerisword  108158439
Intergalactic Sword  170903610
Immortal Sword Celtic Blade  689391156
Checkerboard Sword  46132907
Magic Rainbow Swordpack Crown  380201789
Carrot Swordpack  1536056643
Knights of Redcliff Sword and Shield  49929767
Immortal Sword American Splendor  891980433
Frozen Swordpack  190204972
Ghostfire Sword  64220933
Bone Immortal Sword  1100939881
Dynamically Lit Sword  160198363
Guitar Sword  60357982
Custom Sword  327579790
Double Sword Punch  243791329
Fire and Ice Swordpack  833771729
Dragonheart Sword & Shield  172298750
America’s Swordpack  163491866
Knights of the Splintered Skies Sword  156467926
Candycane Swordpack  568894901
8-Bit Immortal Sword The Pixel Maker  2041982658
Beach Battle Sword  112591894
Glorious Sword  1760406591
Fallen Artemis Sword & Shield  243778818
Gearworks Sword  356213216
Homemade Sword and Shield  244082303
Dragon’s Blaze Sword  105351545
Christmas Tree Sword  189756588
All Hallow’s Sword  181356054
Military Dress Sword  88885481
Dragon’s Flame Sword  168140949
Epic Golden Sword and Shield  416846710
Bombastic Sword  629893424
Mardi Gras Sword  147937443
8-Bit Sword  361950297
Interplanetary Light Sword  1033136271
Bluesteel Swordpack  286519153
LightAge Pirate Swordpack  319655422
Diamond Blade Sword  173755801
Gold Eagle Sword  264990158
Fierce Roman Swordpack  1492182830
8 Bit Sword and Shield  2103274863
Immortal Sword The Piece Maker  416828455
Golden Sword of Spring Growth  226205948
Linked Sword  125013769
Endless Ice Slasher Immortal Sword  568920951
Beach Umbrella Sword  1903666770
Knight’s Sword  10831509
Evil Knight Sword  1060280135
Darkest Arts Sword  147143863
Keytar Sword  1789547756
Laser Sword and Shield  1241586595
Deluxe Ninja Swordpack  67996263
Dragon Slayers Sword and Shield  73232803
Immortal Sword Future Falchion  1678356850
Anime Sword of Destiny  745790335
Venom’s Bite Immortal Sword  638089422
Dark Age Ninja Swordpack  62673504
Champion Egg Beater Sword  383609201
Classic Swordpack Throwback  106690045
8-Bit SwordPack  121925647
Black Hole Sword  1340206957
Bat Knight Bat Sword  17680660
Futuristic Swordpack  218674280
Inflatable Sword  1560608167
First Class Fencing Sword  88146486
Korblox Sword and Shield  68539623

Roblox Boombox ID

Name ID Code
Golden Super Fly Boombox  212641536
Dubstep Boombox  84417281
Dual Golden Super Fly Boomboxes  409746054
Boombox Gear 3.0  193769809
Beat Up Super Jank Boombox  319655993

Roblox Gun Gear ID Codes

Name ID Code
Bamboo Dart Blowgun  51346271
Blue Bloxxers Paintball Gun  26017478
Red Hyperlaser Gun  212296936
Gravity Gun  34901961
Gunslinger  32357766
Steampunk Steam Gun  356212933
Zebra Laser Gun  176087466
ABS GUN  852552995
Nuclear Winter Icicle Gun  22971409
Trench Warfare Shotgun  94233344
Pink Guns  681419733
Hyperlaser Gun  130113146
Suit Up Gun  91360052
Black Tie Affair Gun  192456288
Deep Space Raygun  563287969
Robot Dance Gun  467138029
Bear Mine Gun  90718350
Steamgun  157205837
Magnificent Magenta Paintball Gun  30649735
Retro Super Villain Laser Gun  268533563
BB Gun  42845609
GUN  840362298
Transmorph Ray Gun  29099749
Z Ray Gun  65082275
Party Blaster Paint Gun  456221232
Galactic Laser Gun  168143042
Red Rebels Paintball Gun  26014536
Green Gremlins Paintball Gun  27245855
Disintergrex Blast Gun  18268645
Historic ‘Timmy’ Gun  116693764
Breakfast Gun  163353363
Deluxe Coil Gun  503957396
Laser Gun of Tomorrow  336370943
Double Fire Laser Gun  183355892

FAQ about Roblox Gear Codes

What is the Roblox radio gear ID?

The default audio ID is 142295308. This can be changed as per user interests.

What is Roblox Gear ID?

Roblox Gear ids are specific numbers created for mostly cosmetic items within the Roblox gameworld, from hats to swords and even rocket launchers! These Roblox gear pieces can be bought with the Robux and added to the avatar you have made.

Why are Some Roblox Gear ID Codes Not Working?

Roblox Gear ID codes are available for a limited time period and they play mostly a cosmetic role within the Roblox game. Those Gear ID codes would generally be available for a short time so you have to quickly claim in order to get the codes that you want before they are expired.

How To Get More Roblox Gear ID Codes?

The best way to get more exclusive Roblox Gear ID Codes is by following the @Roblox official Twitter or other social media handles. Also, return to FAINDX in order to get all those updated Gear ID codes you need.


Be sure to check out all the codes that we’ve listed to find the working codes for yourself. Once you redeem the code, you’ll get the items instantly and you’ll be able to use them once you play the game.

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