Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat – Watch Viral Video

Most videos on social media go viral within a short time. One of the videos has gone viral. It was a video of a woman dies smith machine squat went viral. This video grabs the attention of a huge number of people. People have shown attention to the video on the internet. The video shattered the hearts of people. The death of the mother was horrific. In the video, the mother died helplessly and the daughters seek for help.

It was a terrific video taken on the Gym fitness sports gymnasium. It’s in Paralvillo in Mexico city. The reason for the crush is not identified yet. According to the video, the lady was 35-40 years old. At that time, she was in the gym with her daughter. The daughter was helping her to lift 180kg. At that time the incident has taken place. It was around a 400-pound barbell. This barbell fell on the woman. It fell on her neck and she was crushed. But it’s so sad that the incident was taken place when her daughter was in front of the woman.

Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat

It’s known after the incident that the barbell was heavy enough. The trainee of the gym has already lifted the barbell. But as it was heavy, they could not help the victim. Other people around her came there. But they came late. At that time she has already passed. After the incident, the video went viral. People have posted it on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

What is a Smith machine?

Smith machine is one kind of weight machine. It’s a common type of machine. The machine includes a barbell which is attached to the squat rack. This machine can move vertically. This machine can be used for several purposes. The machine is used widely at home and in a commercial gyms. But it’s so surprising that the death of the woman is not the first a Smith machine malfunction. A man of 41 age died while using the Smith machine. He collapsed. He has worked out for 247 fitness gym. It was in Hong Kong. The event was taken place in 2021. A barbell fell on him which resulted in to crush on that spot. He was in a coma and died in a hospital.

This kind of video grabs the attention of a lot of people. People have expressed their sadness about this video. The horrible death touched their heart. In the video, the daughter was asking for help standing in front of the woman helplessly. From the video, people have become so conscious while using the smith machine. It’s incredible to use the machine properly. Some people have said that they should be more careful in the gym. Some others have said that they need to be smarter to use the machine in the gym. People are traumatized after watching the video.

Women Dies on Smith Machine During Squat

People have shown mixed reactions while watching the woman dies smith machine squatgoes viral. People were frightened after watching the video. They have witnessed the tragedy and felt sorrow. Some people have posted on Twitter. Some people have written that they will never forget the video.

Watch Viral FULL Video Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat

The video was gone viral where it was shown that a barbell fell on a woman. The video of a woman dies smith machine squatgoes viralon Twitter and Reddit. In the video, the woman died on the spot. Smith machines are common in most the gym. This machine is used for a wide range of purposes. People who watched the video were so afraid and frightened. They couldn’t find words to describe their feelings.

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