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Canada hosts the Canadian National Exhibition every year. Every year, this important event is held for the first Monday in September. The exhibition runs for 18 days and is located close to the exhibition site in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With over 1.5 million attendees each year, the CNE is Canada’s biggest annual fair. It originally began in the early months of 1879. Its primary goals were to advance agriculture and technology. They continue to keep this in mind when making decisions.

At the CNE, several engineers, scientists, and farmers display their creations. This provides insight into the nation’s discoveries and skills. Agricultural and technological products make up a major portion of the CNE. People go from all around to view and purchase these newest innovations. We will attempt to provide you with some discount coupons if you are also interested in visiting this location. With these discount coupons, you may acquire your favorite things for less money. We will attempt to walk you through the CNE entrance costs, CNE opening in 2024, and other facts in this post.


How to Buy Tickets:

You must first issue a ticket if you wish to access the CNE festival. To obtain a ticket online, go to the instructions listed below.

  • To get your access code, write an email to first.
  • Visit after that.
  • Click on “Guest Info” to access it.
  • Choose “Tickets”
  • Next select “Corporate Sales.”
  • Choose “Group or Promotion Code.”
  • finished transaction
  • Use any printer that is nearby to print the ticket.

At The Gate Rate

Regular Admission: $25 if you buy your CNE tickets at the gate (14 to 64 years)
$20 FOR CHILDREN’S ADMISSION (5 to13 years) Free Transportation All Day Passes for Children Under Four (13 and under) $64.25; (65 and above) $69.25 (all ages)

Other Benefits of Tickets

  • Tickets are good till the exhibition is over. Nevertheless, a ticket is only valid for one usage during this time.
  • Go to the gate and get Fast Entry.
  • Online shoppers will get a voucher for a discount. During the CNE, they may utilize this voucher.
  • that are appropriate for the CNE


–Kids (5 to 13 years old) Get in Free (these are distributed from schools)
– Kid’s Toonie Monday (13 years of age and under) applicable only on August 22 and 29. $13 opening day deal, available only on August 19 and at the gate.
– Nights for $11 (Mon-Thurs AFTER 5pm excluding Labour Date)
The EXcelunch Special $19.99: On weekdays, this price includes access to the grounds from 10 am to 1 pm. Tickets for EXcelunch may be purchased from 10 am to 1 pm on weekdays at Saskatchewan Gates, TTC/GO Gates, and Princes’ Gates, with the exception of Labor Day Monday. If you depart before 2pm, a refund will be given at the same admission gate.

When Will The CNE Be Open?

The covid-19 epidemic was the cause of the cancellation of the 2020 CNE Festival. Residents anticipate that by 2024, their lives will return to normal. Also, the organizers wanted to open the exhibition this year. However all of the city’s big events were postponed owing to the current circumstances. Hence, guests will have to wait another year to visit Exhibition Place and enjoy their preferred rides, food and retail vendors, and activities.

Coupons for CNE 2024

There are currently no active discount codes due to the CNE 2024 announcement being canceled. New promotional and coupon codes will be accessible at that time, if the show goes forward. By using the exclusive corporate codes to buy CNE tickets online, users will receive fresh coupon coupons.
Dates of the 2024 CNE: August 19 to September 5
the new discount code 2024FY3N43D7 

Last Words

We did our best to provide you with some useful information on the CNE event throughout this post. You can reach out to us at any moment with any pertinent questions. Please help us out by spreading the word about this post if you find it useful.

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