Fire Country Season 2: Who’s In and Who’s Out

Great news for ‘Fire Country’ enthusiasts! We have all the cast information and when to mark your calendars for Season 2, which will surely bring some changes.
There will be some familiar names that aren’t coming back when the next season’s cameras begin shooting.
If you were there for the show’s premiere on CBS’ fall schedule or if you want to watch it on Paramount+ at some point, chances are you’re wondering where the actors from the cast of Fire Country have previously appeared. So you can get to know the show’s primary stars better before continuing with the series, don’t worry anymore. We’re going to break down each of them.

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Max Thieriot (As Bode)

Max Thieriot’s character Bode, a prisoner who unintentionally returns to his hometown after enrolling in a program that teaches criminals to fight fires in the California wilderness, is at the core of the action and drama in Fire Country. According to Deadline, Thieriot co-wrote the project as well.
Thieriot gained notoriety as Clay Spenser on the CBS action program SEAL Team, before Fire Country premiered. Even though it appeared like Thieriot wouldn’t return for the sixth season on Paramount+, an arrangement was reached to allow him to perform two roles.
Throughout his career, Thieriot has also made appearances in films such as Jumper, The Pacifier, and the 2015 Point Break remake, to mention a few, as well as television series like Texas Rising and Bates Motel.

Billy Burke (As Vince)

Billy Burke has a history of making appearances on television. He is joining the cast of the freshman drama as veteran fire chief Vince.
Burke made his television debut in a Party of Five episode in 1994. Since then, he has landed roles in several programs and made-for-TV films, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, 24, The Jury, Monk, Revolution, Zoo, Chicago P.D., and 9-1-1: Lone Star.
His career in film spans more than 30 years, including roles in films such as Drive Angry, Red Riding Hood, Three Days to Vegas, Along Came a Spider, and several Twilight films (in which he played Charlie Swan).

Kevin Alejandro (As Manny)

Kevin Alejandro appears in Fire Country as Manny, one of the Cal Fire team members sent to instruct jail convicts on how to put out fires in the rugged terrain.
Alejandro is well known to fans of the Fox/Netflix fantasy drama series Lucifer for his role as Detective Daniel Espinoza, the LAPD cop who has a tumultuous working relationship with the show’s title character. Before that, Alejandro was cast in several television series, including Ugly Betty, Shark, True Blood, Arrow, and The Young and the Restless.

Diane Farr (As Sharon)

The cast of Fire Country features Diane Farr as Sharon, a Cal Fire board administrator who leverages her years of industry knowledge to assist in managing the more than 400 fire stations under her supervision.
Farr has already played a fireman on television; she was a cast member in the first two seasons of the FX series Rescue Me. Major parts of television series like Numb3rs, Splitting Up Together, Californication, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, and others have been hers since then. CSI: Miami, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, The Good Doctor, White Collar, and Arliss are just a few of the many television programs where she has made one-off cameos in addition to this.

Stephanie Arcila (As Gabriela)

In the cast of Fire Country, Stephanie Arcila plays Gabriela, a well-liked local who works for Cal Fire stations that put out fatal fires in Northern California. Her boyfriend and father are also Cal Fire station employees.
Arcila achieved popularity in television by making appearances on shows including the HBO drama, Here and Now, and the 2020 Showtime original series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, before she joined the cast of the new firefighting show that is posing a threat to NBC’s Chicago Fire. She has also made sporadic guest appearances on several television programs throughout the years, including Supergirl, The Rookie, Black-ish, NCIS, and Passions of the Heart.

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