Free Fire Best Character List 2024

With BGMI and the Free Fire ban, Garena Free Fire Max is one of the few alternatives in the battle royale genre that are still available in India. This is largely due to the fact that the makers provide a variety of fun game modes, skins, outfits, and other items. The characters in the game are also well-known, though. The characters from Free Fire Max provide a whole new degree of novelty to the game experience.

There are several characters available in the game, and you can either buy them or unlock them. These characters have a variety of intriguing abilities that will undoubtedly help them achieve “Booyah!” Knowing each character’s unique talent, though, may get tiresome. You don’t need to worry, though, since we’ve included the whole list of Free Fire Max characters in this page. So let’s start.

What are the characters in Free Fire Max?

Character selection in Garena Free Fire Max is extensive. The game’s over 37 available characters currently make it one of the greatest battle royale games available. In the game, players may earn, unlock, and play as several characters. It’s intriguing because every character has their own special set of abilities, which adds to the intrigue. Certain characters could deal more powerful harm while others may aid in locating foes and other tasks.

Max Free Fire The abilities of new characters

This year, Free Fire has added a ton of brand-new characters. They consist of,

  1. Santino
  2. Luna
  3. Tatsuya
  4. A-Patroa
  5. Iris
  6. J.Biebs
  7. Homer
  8. Kenta
  9. Nairi
  10. Leon
  11. Otho
  12. Thiva
  13. Dimitri
  14. D-bee

Now let’s take a closer look:


Santino was born into poverty but rose up the ranks by enrolling in a prestigious art school. He then created his own fashion line and became well-known for his sense of style. The character has a unique ability called Shape Splitter that allows the user to teleport to a mannequin’s location by spawning one in front of them.


Due to his father’s irrationality, Luna has developed a strong personality and shown early maturation. She is a guild leader entrusted with bringing the order back. Fight or Flight is a unique power that Luna possesses that quickens the shooting tempo. The fire rate will change into a movement speed boost when the user hits an adversary.


Tatsuya is convinced that he has the ability to improve the environment. Rebel Rush is given a specific skill by the persona that enables him to advance very quickly. The ability can be employed several times.


A-Patora is a powerful, self-assured lady who owns a music store in a hazardous area. The character has a unique skill slot that may be filled with any talent that is possessed.
Iris is very skilled in foretelling the enemy’s whereabouts. Using the character’s Wall Brawl special ability, players may mark the opposing gloo wall and pierce it to do damage.


J.Biebs is a guy who seeks to bring a divided world together. Popular musician Justin Bieber is used as the model for the character. Players may use EP to block damage with the character’s Quiet Sentinel skill set.


Homer is an assassin who is also blind. He established the Griza Gang. The character has a unique survival skill called Sense Shockwave. Using this, Homer may launch a drone towards the closest adversary in front of him, causing a 5 m-diameter pulse explosion that slows down the attacker’s movement and shooting speed.


Hayato Yagami’s family has employed Kenta as a bodyguard and bladesmith for many years. The character has a unique survival skill called Swordman’s Wrath, which allows the fighter to build a shield to lessen frontal weapon damage.


I have created a microclimate technique that enables him to endure harsh settings. Ice Iron, a feature of the character, enables players to restore a specific percentage of the existing durability of Gloowalls every second when damage is incurred.


Leon is a college student with exceptional basketball ability. Players can regain Health after engaging in fight thanks to the Buzzer Beater survival skill that comes with the character.


Otho has a blend of imaginativie and practical mind. He is scared to forget the memories of his past and is always trying to preserve them. The character comes with a special skill known as Memory Mist that forms a memory mist when an enemy is eliminated. This reveals the positions of other enemies near by.


The younger brother of Dimtri, Thiva, possesses the unique survival skill of Vital Vibes. The skill enables accelerating rescue efforts.


The majority of Dimitri’s day is spent in the lab working on cutting-edge audio technologies. The character has a healing heartbeat that extends a healing zone of 3.5 meters. While inside, the user and his or her teammates have a 3 HP regeneration rate. The users and allies can also self-recover in this zone if they are knocked unconscious.


D-bee is an outgoing individual who is enamored with dancing and music. The character has the Bullet Beats ability, which improves mobility and shooting accuracy.
Complete Character List for Free Fire, Including Special Skills
Below is a list of every Free Fire character, along with a brief description of each one’s unique survival skills.


Maro is an animal lover who believes that people overthink everything and lose sight of the actual purpose of life. The character has a unique survival skill called Falcon Fervor. Due to this, damage to adversaries who are marked also rises as distance increases. At its greatest level, it may enhance damage against designated foes by up to 25% while increasing distance by up to 14%.


The game’s female protagonist, Xayne, has a fascination with risky endeavors. Extreme athletics are what she favors over interpersonal interactions. The persona has the Xtreme Encounter special talent. Players might momentarily gain 80 Health thanks to this. Although it only lasts for 10 seconds, it also makes shields and Gloo Walls more vulnerable.


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