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Celebrate International Sushi Day 2024 June 18 Quotes, Wishes & Images

Sushi, a traditional Japanese meal made of raw fish and cooked rice. For the past 2 decades, sushi has been all the hype around the world. In the beginning, everyone was skeptical about the dish. But it became widely popular within a very short period of time. It is such a simple yet delicious meal. International sushi day is observed all over the world to celebrate this unique dish.

International Sushi Day Date

There are 2 days on which sushi day is observed. International Sushi day is observed on 18th June. National Sushi day is observed on 1st November. So don’t mix them up.

Some interesting facts about International Sushi Day:

  • Sushi day is observed to raise awareness about the truths and myths about Sushi.
  • Sushi was originally invented outside of Japan.
  • Puffer fish sushi is poisonous if not made by a certified sushi chef.
  • Sushi works amazing as an antidepressant.
  • Sushi day has been celebrated since 2009.

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National Sushi Day

How to celebrate International Sushi Day?

International Sushi day is an opportunity to explore this dish which has a lot of varieties, you can find out more sides of this food. Here are some fun ways to celebrate International Sushi Day.

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Visit a sushi restaurant

Treat yourself and your friend to a local sushi restaurant. Enjoy the delicacies prepared by a professional sushi chef. The thing about eating sushi at a restaurant is that every sushi chef has gone through intense training and an apprenticeship period to be able to craft each piece of sushi. Sushi is literally a form of art so they are as much dedicated. And so, you’re guaranteed an exquisite experience at a sushi bar.

sushi restaurant

Introduce a friend to this dish

Despite the widespread popularity, there is always that one person who is yet to try out Sushi. They mainly shy away from this food due to the fish being raw. Take International Sushi Day to introduce your friend to Sushi. And not all sushi is made with raw fish, starting with Norimaki which is made of cooked ingredients.

celebrate International Sushi Day
celebrate International Sushi Day

Make sushi at home

Making sushi is difficult, we know. But it sure is a fun activity to try and make some sushi for you and your family. We recommend Norimaki, wrapped sushi is comparatively easier to make.

Happy International Sushi Day Images

International Sushi Day Images

eat Sushi

International sushi day celebrates one of the most unique cuisines in the world. Restaurants also arrange special events keeping this day in mind. So, enjoy this day by eating some sushi and make the day all yours.

International Sushi Day 2024 Quotes

We going To Share With you Few Best HD Collect International Sushi Day Quotes Images, Picture and Wallpaper That Can be Share With Friends and Family by Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Others Platform. All Quotes Images and Wallpaper Free Download Available Here.

On International Sushi Day, today, eat a Sushi if you’ve never had one before.

When life gives you a curve ball get a Sushi and relax. Happy International Sushi day.

It’s International Sushi day, satisfy your Sushi cravings today.

Sushi pairs well with French fries. So, order a Sushi with French fries on International Sushi day.

There is no such thing as too much of tuna. Get your tuna plate ordered today. Happy Sushi Day to all.

French fries taste better with Sushi. So have French fries with a Sushi!
Eat a Sushi today as you never had one. Happy International Sushi day
Talk less and work more. I am working on eating Sushi.
A balanced diet is Sushi in each hand. Sushi day wishes to all foodies out there. International Sushi day
One cannot get good sleep, cannot love well, and think well until he has a Sushi. Happy International Sushi day!
The Sushi is not just for eating but to get experience. International Sushi day!!
Buying Sushi is the way to my heart! Have a tastier Sushi day. Happy International Sushi day!
A cook brings the soul into food. Sushi will keep that soul satisfied.
My mind says Gym, but my heart says Sushi! Happy International Sushi day!

National Sushi Day  Wishes

To avoid being overweight, I like to have a diet coke with my sushi. Happy Sushi Day to everyone!

You can’t get a full night’s sleep, love well, or think clearly unless you eat Sushi. Happy Sushi Day, everybody!

To enjoy the flavour of Sushi, we must all take the time to relish it. Today is Sushi Day around the world. Wishes on Sushi day.

International Sushi Day Caption For Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • wake up little sushi
  • shrimply the best
  • let the good times roll
  • we dance to a different tuna
  • this is how we roll
  • a balanced diet is a sushi roll in each hand
  • rice to meet you
  • sushi and wasabi — better together
  • miso hungry
  • looking for love in eel the right places
  • who needs gender rolls when we have sushi rolls
  • roe, roe, roe your sushi boat
  • i’m soy into you
  • make every day sushi day
  • chopsticks just slow me down
  • fish and rice are soy nice
  • sushi is my favorite art form
  • neither snow nori rain stays these hands from sushi
  • sushi — the best food in the tunaverse
  • we’re jammin’ with salmon
  • i wish for fish
  • let’s get sushi, just for the halibut
  • sushiholic
  • more sushi, please
  • uni for all, and all for uni
  • oh say can sushi
  • life’s too short to eat bad sushi
  • there’s always room for more sushi
  • sushi makes me so happy

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