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National Beer Lovers Day 2024: Memes, Fun Facts

To all beer lovers, National Beer Lover Day is a day of joy and amusement. They try to celebrate this day in many festive ways. To extend the happiness of the day, crack the fun facts and memes with your friends and beer lovers. Definitely, they can relate better than others. Check out the meme and fun facts on national beer lovers day.

National Beer Lover Day Meme

Do you spend your time sharing memes? In a word, meme lover? Also, love to drink beer? Then the meme on a beer can be a source of entertainment to you. No doubt, beer lovers easily relate to the memes on national beer lover day. Their daily basis experiences may match these. See how much you relate this meme to you.

1. Alcohol-free beer?
That’s Like Vitamin-C Free Orange Juice.

2. Where are my growlers?

3.Two beers or not two beers.

4. What do you mean
We are out of beer?

5. Hoppy beer

6. You had me at beer.

7. This beer tastes like
I’m not going to work tomorrow.

8.It’s friday
Beer is coming.

9.About beer

10. Not sure if hungry or if need a beer.

11. Did someone say beer
I like beer, I like it a lot.

12. D’awww.
I love you too beer.

13. Luckily I’m not Bob.

14. That first sip of beer, after a long day at work.

15. I do like beer

16. I don’t always drink beer,
Wait, Yes I do.

17. Best friends with beer

18. One beer a day

19. Happy beer day

20. Best friends bring beer

21. Just kidding

22. Craft beer

23. Beer

24. Beer and bath

25. Blonde beer

26. Beer is the answer

27. Beer fact

28. Give a man beer

29. Beer time

30. Beer lovers

National Beer Lover Day Fun Facts

There are uncountable fun facts about national beer lover day. Some may surprise you, some make you not believe. Want to hear some? Here you go-

  • You may be astonished to know that the strongest beer is ‘Snake venom’ which contains 67.5% alcohol.
    Germany hosts the biggest beer festival every year.
  • Beer is the third most popular drink taken all over the world after water and tea.
  • According to statistics, people drink almost 50 billion gallons of beer every year.
  • The most surprising fun fact about beer is that there is a beer pool in Schloss Starkenberger brewery in Tarrentz, Austria.
  • The most famous beer in the world is Budweiser.
  • If you desire to have the world’s most expensive beer, you have to pay $503,300.
  • The Japanese beer festival is known as ‘BeerFers’
  • The most surprising thing is that in Japan beer festivals are celebrated on different dates in Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, Nagoya and Yokohama.
  • The Philippines beer is known as best selling beer for its quality.
  • According to the rate of beer consumption, the Chinese come first. The annual consumption of beer is almost 46 billion litres.
  • The most popular beer brands are situated in the United States.
  • Taking a bath in beer may boost your blood circulation, and soften your skin.
  • Drinking beer can reduce the risk of some chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney stones, and ischemic stroke. It can even increase good cholesterol and clear thinking ability.
  • Belgium considers beers a healthy alternative for the young generation.
  • Previously beer was considered a feminine drink. Because that time women used to brew beer to offer god.

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