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National Cook For Your Pets Day Activities

Our pets have given us unconditional love, companionship, and attention, so on November 1st National Cook For Your Pets Day, we can at least repay their efforts! Although we tend to feed our pets with food purchased from the store, spending a day cooking for our pets is not just a good way to respect their place in our lives. By consulting the veterinarian which foods should be avoided and which foods are the most nourishing pets, we will gain a new understanding of the animal’s diet and ultimately take better care of our animals. So use this day to cook a delicious meal for your pet!

National Cook For Your Pets Day Activities

Check your ingredient list

Consultation with a veterinarian is the best way to understand what foods to avoid for pets, but the biggest contraindications are milk, chocolate, avocados, nuts, onions, leeks, chives, mushrooms, and walnuts. Your pet’s digestive system is very fragile, so it’s important not to try to do something good for the animal to avoid the risk of kidney failure! Also, it goes without saying, but really, avoid giving your pet alcohol. It can be fatal to animals in any dose.

Start Cooking

Dogs like a good bowl of cooked protein, vegetables and rice. Coupled with fresh fruit, and occasionally chewing healthy teeth, feeding dogs home-cooked dishes is not as complicated as you think. At the same time, cats are completely carnivorous, so you will consider providing animals with a good protein.

Buy a pet cookbook

Julia Child may be shocked to learn that there are more and more pet recipes on the market, but it is true. Usually, they are written in the role of animals eating, which is a creative and interesting new trend for you to explore. One caveat: A 2013 study by the University of California, Davis, showed that many homemade recipes lack the necessary nutrients, so make sure that your recipe book does meet the needs of your pet, or you just use these recipes as a more It is important to supplement a balanced diet.

National Cook For Your Pets Day Photo
National Cook For Your Pets Day Photo

Importance of National Cook For Your Pets Day

Our pets keep us healthy

Keeping pets has many health benefits, from lowering blood pressure and encouraging us to take physical exercises to reduce the occurrence of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Since our pets do so much for our health, we should try to learn more about what is good for their health! Don’t sound too selfish, but if our pets are healthier, they will live longer. So this is good for everyone.

It feels so good to do good

We feed our pets with coarse ground food in a bowl or canned food on the counter every day. You should spend a little more time and give your pet some healthy foods that will make your pet happy! Even animals like small acts of kindness!

Reflecting on your pet’s diet will also help you

Thinking about doing something for your pet may also make you rethink your diet! Want to do something for Fido, but find that you don’t want to give him most of the food because you are not sure if it is healthy? morning Call! Also, keep in mind that dogs don’t judge, so if you’re just learning to cook, then you’ll get some recognition here. Most of us can use some verification in the kitchen.

Interesting Facts about National Cook For Your Pets Day


Stick to a protein-rich diet, not a wheat diet.

A diet high in protein and low in wheat and processed grains will provide your dog with more energy

Clean your dog’s food and water bowls regularly.

It is easy to forget the cleanliness of the dog bowl and how it affects the health of the pet.

Buy human-grade dog food.

The human level not only ensures that the quality of the ingredients entering the food is available for human consumption but also ensures the food safety standards of the cooking facilities.

Fresh food is better.

Just like humans, dogs feel different when they eat food made from real ingredients. It is easier to absorb nutrients from more mildly processed foods, so it is easier for dogs to use them to stay healthy.

Dogs are not wolves.

Yes, dogs are descendants of wolves and have about 98% of their DNA, but this does not mean that they need the same diet or raw food. There is no research showing that dogs eating raw food are healthier, and this is dangerous to dogs and humans.

Home cooking is harder than you think.

Ensuring that your dog receives human-level good nutrition means more than just feeding your dog food or dinner leftovers. Because dogs eat the same things at every meal, it is particularly important that their food is balanced. It is best to consult a veterinarian and get specific recipes to follow or choose foods that meet AAFCO requirements.


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