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Happy National Dessert Day 2024: Date, Quotes, Images, Wishes & Deals

People indulge themselves on National Dessert Day every year to satisfy their sweet tooth and to go ahead and take steps to enjoy their favorite dessert items. On this day, no one actually is worried about the calorie count. It’s a day for all of us to forget about taking a little more high calories or sweet and celebrate the day with friends and family members in full of fun. On the occasion of this day, you have a variety of options to bake your favorite desserts or take advantage of the best sweet of your choice.

This holiday is especially celebrated in the United States and we shouldn’t confuse it with Eat an Extra Dessert Day, which falls on the 4th of September every year. However, it is a day when you can satisfy your taste buds with chocolate, candies, pies, fruits, cookies, donuts, pastries, cobblers, or ice cream.

National Dessert Day Date

National Dessert Day is celebrated on October 14 every year with great enthusiasm to make the day a memorable one and very enjoyable. Though no one knows how and when National Dessert Day was started in the United States, it is known how the word “dessert” was invented. #NationalDessertDay

It actually comes from the French word “desservir” which exactly means to remove that which had been served. On this day, we all are happy to have our favorite desserts. Below are some noticeable facts and incidents about National Dessert Day.

National Dessert Day
Coulant du Chocolat

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National Dessert Day Facts

Factc Details
National Dessert Day Observance 14th October every year
The term ‘dessert’ is French word (desservir)
The term ‘dessert’ being used in 1600s
Observance Eating chocolate, candies, pies, fruits, cookies, donuts, pastries, cobblers, or ice cream.

Celebrate National Dessert Day

It’s actually not a matter what you like as a dessert, there’s always a special type of dessert dedicated to your taste buds. On this day, people like to have candies, pies, fruits, cookies, donuts, pastries, cobblers, or ice cream to celebrate it in their own style. People in the United States spend a busy day in different activities such as baking their favorite dessert or going outside to have the best one of their choices or throw a pastry party with friends and family members. #NationalDessertDay

You can also celebrate the day by going to a restaurant and picking up your favorite dessert. Arranging a dessert party with friends would also be a great option for you to make the day enjoyable.

National Dessert Day Quotes

“Today is literally the sweetest day of the year because it is National Dessert Day, the day to cheat without having to worry or feel bad. Wishing you a very sweet National Dessert Day.”

Make sure that you treat yourself with yummilicious desserts to bring eternal joy in your life…. Sending you warm wishes on National Dessert Day.

For 364 days we all wait for today because it is the day to just enjoy sweets and pamper your taste buds…. Wishing you a very Happy National Dessert Day.

I wish that on the occasion of National Dessert Day, you get to enjoy the best of cakes, chocolates, candies, ice creams….. A very Happy National Dessert Day to you!!

We all have a sweet tooth and today is the day dedicated to it, so lets keep our diets aside and enjoy some delicious sweets for a blessed National Dessert Day.

Beautiful and yummy World Chocolate Day Wishes and National Cookie Day Messages to share with family and friends.

When you are stressed, have pie because you can either have pie in your life or you can have tension.

  • There are some people who are vegetarians and some non-vegetarians but I am a dessertarian.
  • There is no problem in the world which a cupcake cannot fix…. Happy National Dessert Day.
  • Desserts without cheese are like beauty without an eye…. Enjoy desserts loaded with cheese.
  • If you want to grow strong and grow big then you really have to eat lots of ice creams and candies.

National Dessert Day Images

National Dessert Day photo
Stack of pancakes with fresh blueberry, raspberry and ricotta cheese on a plate, served with coffee in cafe
Dessert Day
Charcoal honey toast with vanilla icecream and strawberry on top
Dessert Day Images
Slices of pumpkin pie served on plate

Last Words

National Dessert Day is really an exceptional day for all of us who like to have different dessert items such as chocolate, candies, cookies, donuts, pastries, ice cream, etc. So get ready and make the day special for you on this day.

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