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National Freethought Day 2024: Date, Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Facts

National Freethought Day is celebrated every year all over the country with a view to encouraging people to spend life being free thinkers. To think freely and take decisions independently is very important in our lives. Life becomes easier and enjoyable when you have freedom of thinking, choice, and speak. If you are surrounded by a lot of rules and restrictions, you cannot enjoy your life properly. So being free thinkers is vital for all.

National Freethought Day Date

October 12 is the day of National Freethought Day to celebrate and spread a vital message among people. We all should understand that small positive thinking can bring a big change in our society as well as in our lives. We should be free thinkers not only in our daily lives but also in our opinions on facts, logic, science, events, reasons, etc. By acting like so we can make our society, country, as well as world a good living place.

National Freethought Day Date

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Important and Interesting Facts about National Freethought Day

Every national day has some important and interesting facts with some historical events. Thus, National Freethought Day has also some important and interesting facts. Below are some of the most important incidents and fun facts of this day:

  • Some of the pioneer organizations such as the Freethought Society, American Humanist Association, and Secular Coalition For America worked much to establish this day.
  • From 1997, a lot of groups of different views have promoted this day.
  • An incident in Salem village in 1692 is associated with celebrating this day on October 12.
  • The garden flower named pansy serves as the symbol of Free thought.
  • National Freethought Day and National Freethinkers Day are two different events celebrated on different dates.

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How to Celebrate National Freethought Day?

The best way to celebrate National Freethought Day is to make it a habit to start thinking freely. In this case, using logic, rationality, reason, and intelligence are important. You can also spread the message of thinking freely among people so that they can also do the same and enjoy their life. The more the message is spread the more it will be better for society to live in a healthy and peaceful environment.

An event named Sacramento Freethought event is held every year since 2002 to celebrate this day. This event is open for all and held outdoors. So you can observe this day joining the event with your friends, family members, and closed ones. You can also observe this day by raising awareness regarding the importance of freethinking.

You can also arrange some events or programs with your neighbors or relatives so that people can join those seminars and know the key message of this day. Finally, you can celebrate this day in a lot of ways you want.

National Freethought Day Wishes

National Freethought Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Images

As men’s prayers are a disease of the will, so are their creeds a disease of the intellect. –Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance

Your church is a baby-house made of blocks.– Henry David Thoreau, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience

The forces of piety have always and everywhere been the sworn enemy of the open mind and the open book.– Christopher Hitchens, Letters to a Young Contrarian

No idea is above scrutiny and no people are beneath dignity. — Maajid Nawaz, Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A Dialogue

Far from being marginalized, as is presently the case, nineteenth-century freethought was a social movement at the core of our national life. — Fred Whitehead, Free-Thought on the American Frontier

 Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking.

— Leo Tolstoy

National Freethought Day Quotes

A believer is a bird in a cage, a freethinker is an eagle parting the clouds with tireless wing.

— Robert Green Ingersoll

With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

— Steven Weinberg

It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.

— Carl Sagan

It took me years, but letting go of religion has been the most profound wake up of my life. I feel I now look at the world not as a child, but as an adult. I see what’s bad and it’s really bad. But I also see what is beautiful, what is wonderful. And I feel so deeply appreciative that I am alive. How dare the religious use the term ‘born again.’ That truly describes freethinkers who’ve thrown off the shackles of religion so much better!

— Julia Sweeney

I was a freethinker before I knew how to think. — George Bernard Shaw

Faith: not wanting to know what is true. —Friedrich Nietzsche

To destroy guide-boards that point in the wrong direction . . . to drive the fiend of fear from the mind . . . is the task of the Freethinker.

— Robert Green Ingersoll

So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.

— Bertrand Russell

Freethought Day Messages

The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike. — Steven Weinberg

Man would indeeded be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death. — Albert Einstein

Freethinkers are generally those who never think at all. — Laurence Sterne

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.

— Thomas Jefferson

The freethinker has the same right to discredit the beliefs of Christians that the Orthodox Christians enjoy in destroying reverence, respect, and confidence in Mohammedanism, Mormonism, Christian Science, or Atheism.

— Theodore Schroeder

Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from deep nonsense. — Carl Sagan

Freethinkers are generally those who never think at all. — Laurence Sterne

Freethinkers are occasionally thoughtful, though never free. — Gilbert K. Chesterton

How many things we held yesterday as articles of faith which today we tell as fables.

— Michel de Montaigne

For good people to do evil things, it takes religion. — Steven Weinberg

Final Words

People who cannot think freely suffer a lot in their lives. So National Freethought Day brings the opportunity to them to be a freethinker at least on this day. If you are one of those who enjoy the freedom and think freely, you can celebrate the day to the fullest.

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