National Sons Day 2024: Memes, GIFS and Funny Images, Jocks

It’s September 28th which means it’s National Sons Day! Here at Know Your Meme, we hope you love your children very, very much, that you care for them always, and of course, that you had them on purpose. Kidding!

National Sons Day is celebrated on 28th September in the United States. This day is a time to honor sons and to celebrate their role in families and society. It is also a day to raise awareness about the unique challenges that boys and young men face.

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Happy Sons Day Meme

National Sons Day Memes

But seriously, enjoy your children while you can, as in, while they still believe your BS. And even if you don’t have a kid, imagine that you did. Look at a kid on the street and imagine that they’re yours. Too creepy? Getting looks back? Well, maybe just enjoy these 15 son and daughter memes instead then.

Is September 28th National Sons Day?

Sons Day Memes

That thought became the impetus for me to begin searching for a National Sons Day meme for my submission. Of course, my co-workers and I immediately had to search high and low for anything that would be appropriate to the spirit of National Sons Day.

In a Fight to the Death? I’m Choosing Dad

Choosing Dad

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Kids Are Brutal

Kids Are Brutal

Dads Are Brutal

Dads Are Brutal

Proud Parent of a Future Memer

Future Memer

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Favorite Time of the Day

Favorite Time

My Son Made This

Son Made This meme

Sons Day in 2050:

Sons Day meme

There is no official National Sons Day on Facebook, but many people celebrate it informally by posting photos and messages about their sons. Some parents use the opportunity to raise awareness about important issues affecting boys and young men, such as mental health and gender equality. Others simply use it as a chance to show off how proud they are of their sons.

National Sons Day Funny Jocks

Why did the son bring a ladder to school?

Because he wanted to go to high school!

Dad: “Son, I think it’s time you started paying your own bills.”

Son: “You’re right, Dad. Here’s the bill for my advice.”

Why did the son bring a pencil to the dinner table? Because he wanted to draw his own conclusion!

Dad: “Son, why don’t you ever tell secrets on a farm?” Son: “I don’t know, why?” Dad: “Because the potatoes have eyes and the corn has ears!”

Son: “Dad, why did the tomato turn red?” Dad: “I don’t know, why?” Son: “Because it saw the salad dressing!”

Dad: “Son, never trust atoms.” Son: “Why, Dad?”

Dad: “Because they make up everything!”

Why did the son bring a ladder to the bar?

Because he heard the drinks were on the house!

Dad: “Son, did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers?”

Son: “No, why?” Dad: “He’ll stop at nothing to avoid them!”

Son: “Dad, can you call me a taxi?”

Dad: “Sure, you’re a taxi!”

Dad: “Son, I told you to stand on your own two feet.”

Son: “I am, Dad. I just borrowed your shoes!”

Whatever your reason for celebrating, National Sons Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the special bond between parent and child.

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