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National Twins Day 2024: Date, History, Facts and Activities

Twins are one of the most significant miracles shown by God. Have you ever imagined how two separate hearts start to beat in a womb? Most probably, to celebrate all the joy of giving birth to twin babies, the United States of America celebrates a day in the name of twins. Check out more details about National Twins Day History, Quotes, Messages etc.

When is National Twin Day

National Twin Day is celebrated from 5 August to 8 August. In a true sense, it would be held on the first day of August. The National day aims to accept all the differences and similarities between twins.

National Twins Day History 

The celebration of National Twins Day has come so far by the contribution of a pair of twins, Moses and Aaron Wilcox. They had pledged 6 acres of land to Melville. In return, they demanded to change the name of the town, Twinsburg. For the first time in history, Twinsburg arranged a twin festival in 1976. There were 36 numbers of twins in that festival. The town had a firm determination to celebrate it in the coming years.

As a result, we are celebrating national twins day now. So we can say Twinsburg is the pioneer of National Twins Day. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, National Twins Day has been able to arrange the largest gathering of twins in the world so far. Almost 43 festivals are hosted with 77000 sets of twins. Isn’t it so surprising?? This day has a special feature in celebration. Like, it focuses on certain themes, in 2020 it was ‘The Roaring Twenties.

National Twin Day Celebration 

National Twins Day is globally celebrated as a joyful festival all over the world. It can be considered the largest get-together for twins all over the world. Celebrate Twins Day, being a twin or not. Invite your twin friends or relatives or even a known one and give them some gifts. Take them on a day tour, make a movie plan or hang out. Click pictures and share memories on social media using the hashtag #NationalTwinsDay.

Twins Day Facts

  • According to a number of studies, twins did not begin communicating with one another outside of their mother’s womb until the 14th week.
  • The phenomenon known as “cryptophasia” occasionally occurs when twins can speak with each other in a language that only they can understand.
  • Although twins can occasionally be born on different days, the most significant separation yet seen is 63 days.
  • With 45–50 twins born out of every 1000 live births, the Yoruba people of Nigeria have one of the highest rates of twin child births and consider the twins to be spirit children.
  • Identical twins, as well as fraternal twins, are the two main types of twins.

National Twins Day Activities

·         Celebrate a twin party

However, we can use it as an opportunity to reflect on what makes us different from one another and what makes us unique as humans. So, to be a unique one, you can celebrate a party. You can serve double-sized meals like double Oreo cookies, double-decker sandwiches, etc.

·         Enjoy a few T.V. shows.

It is a day to celebrate all the twins in our country. It is a day to remember all the special moments that we shared with our loved ones. So, we can watch television with our family members.

·         Spend time with some real-life twins

Spend a few times with twins and then share those memories with others so people can also learn about them through their words. If you are a twin child, you can also use this day as an opportunity to remember the special people who are part of our lives, like our parents or siblings or friends.

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