Puzzle and Dragons Tier list 2024

If you enjoy playing puzzle and dragon games, you may be aware that selecting the proper characters or monsters for the combat is essential to success. It’s a no-cost match-three puzzle game featuring traditional monsters and an RPG. To go through the game’s numerous dungeons and face off against foes, you must assemble a squad of monsters.

Puzzles and Dragon Tier List

Welcome to our ranking of the top Puzzle & Dragons games based on their maximum CP per level power up. We’ll explain how much Stardust and Candy it will cost to max up your Puzzle and Dragons Tier List CP. We’ve put up a tier list of the best team-building leaders to assist you get beyond these obstacles. Check out this then.

The greatest characters (monsters) are listed below for your consideration.

S TierĀ 

Characters at this grade are unquestionably the best and work with any gameplay or mode.

  • Rosalin
  • Makeover Royal Oak
  • School Kio
  • Makeover Nautilus
  • Natsuru
  • Makeover Royal Oak

A Tier

Rank S characters could be hard to come by, but Tier A characters are also enough for any conflict. These characters obviously rate below Tier S in the ranking, but they are still valuable.

  • Makeover Captain Marvel
  • Makeover Charcoal Jiro
  • Philis
  • Makeover Mikage
  • Ivercana
  • Makeover Iron Man
  • Bride Trailokyavijaya
  • Makeover Seina
  • Makeover Shizumaru Hisame

B Tier

These characters are respectable enough and useful for simple conflicts.
Yuri’s bride

  • Branch Guile
  • Makeover Nadeko Sengoku
  • Makeover Miya
  • Zeus (Gancola)
  • Makeover Tsubasa Hanekawa
  • Bride Yuri

C Tier

Although they are not particularly strong characters, you can use them as a fallback. So it’s preferable if you switch them out if you’re planning a huge battle.

  • Ultimate Gol Chaos
  • Makeover Ryumei
  • Ultimate Priscilla
  • Makeover Verl
  • Phoenix Jean Gray
  • Ultimate Gol Chaos

The strongest characters in the Puzzles and Dragon Tier List are all listed here. As it is, the S Tier is the highest of them all and is unquestionably appropriate for any gameplay that features intense fighting. So that you can acquire these qualities, keep your eyes keen. In addition, if you are unable to obtain S Tier characters, you may always choose Tier A characters from the following tier. You should make an effort to get these top-tier characters since they will be highly beneficial to you in any conflict. But don’t go any lower.

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