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International Stuttering Awareness Day Activities

Every year 22 October is considered International Stuttering Awareness Day. Stuttering is a communication disorder in which repetition-or abnormal pauses in sounds and syllables-interrupts the fluency of language. Abnormal facial and body movements may also occur when speaking. International Stuttering Awareness Day focuses on people who stutter and educates the public about its causes.

History of International Stuttering Awareness Day

“International Stuttering Awareness Day” was established in 1998 to focus on millions of people around the world who suffer from this specific communication disorder. Usually, when people refer to stuttering, they imagine the repetition of a particular word; however, there are many other forms of stuttering, including the lengthening of vowels or syllables. This situation is also variable, which means that the severity of stuttering is not consistent. Sometimes, a person may only stutter a few times, while at other times, stuttering may affect most of their interactions.

Stuttering lasts longer than people record their interactions with the disease, but a lack of understanding of the disease has led to years of unfair treatment. The passage in the Bible shows that Moses was stammering. Claudius, who would later become the Roman emperor, was initially evaded and excluded from public office because people believed that stuttering was a manifestation of ignorance.

In Europe in the 19th century, surgery was recommended for people affected by speech disorders. The surgeon will use scissors to remove a triangular wedge from the back of the tongue and cut the nerves and muscles of the neck and lips. Other surgeons practice shortening the uvula or removing tonsils. These practices were later abandoned because the patient bleeds and died, while those who survived still stutter.

Although it is now known that stuttering is a neurological disorder, it can be developmental (acquired in childhood) or acquired (developed into an adult due to trauma or drug abuse), but there is still a sense of stigma associated with those living in it People. On this International Stuttering Awareness Day, take a moment to understand that 1% of humans are affected and what you can do to help others continue to understand the situation.

International Stuttering Awareness Day image
International Stuttering Awareness Day image

International Stuttering Awareness Day Activities

Receive Education

People who stutter suffer from social stigma, which can lead to bullying of children and ostracism of adults. Through the resources provided by International Stuttering Awareness Day, individuals and families can learn more about how to support stutterers and reduce the stigma surrounding stuttering.

Attend an Online Meeting

Every year, the International Stuttering Association organizes an online event to commemorate International Stuttering Awareness Day. The public can participate in the online event for free, which focuses on a different theme each year and brings together individuals from all over the world.


If you have friends or family members who stutter, you can participate by helping to educate people they might come into contact with. For example, the National Stuttering Association provides educational materials that parents of stutterers can use to help teachers.

Causes of Stuttering


Although it sounds like a person is listening to them, nervousness is not the main cause of stuttering. Instead of letting the stutterer take a deep breath, wait patiently for them to finish and don’t interrupt them.


Shyness may cause stutterers to speak less, but this is not the root cause of stuttering. Don’t stutter.

Just a Habit

Stuttering is a neurological disease, not a habit that is easy to break. Although people who stutter may take speech therapy courses, these courses are more important to build confidence in speaking to them than to promise a cure for the condition.

Lack of Wisdom

Many smart people stutter. Although stuttering is related to specific areas of the brain, it does not affect a person’s intelligence.

Bad Parents

Although poor parenting may make the child’s stuttering worse, this is not the root cause of the stuttering. However, if you think your child is in danger, please do not hesitate to contact the police.

International Stuttering Awareness Day photo
International Stuttering Awareness Day photo

Why International Stuttering Awareness Day is Important

Stuttering is Misunderstood

There are many myths about stuttering and people suffering from this disease. For example, contrary to what many people think, it is not caused by tension or shyness. The International Stuttering Awareness Day promotes the issue of stuttering to the public, thereby reducing the stigma of stuttering.

It Helps

International Stuttering Awareness Day brings hope to stutterers by showing that they are not alone and providing resources for them to improve their speeches. It connects individuals with research and speech pathologists.

This is a Community

The National Stuttering Association is a community of people who share challenges and stories with each other. By participating in events and seminars usually held through local chapters, stutterers can meet and learn from other people with similar stories.

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