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World Mosquito Day 2024 Theme, Quotes, slogans (20th August)

World Mosquito Day 2024 : Dengue Patients is Increasing Every Day. People in Dhaka suffer from fever for almost a fee-year. This time, dengue fever has taken a terrible shape. People all over the country are scared. That’s when mosquito day came. It is celebrated on August 20 of each year. There are many days whose names we may not even know. One such little-known day is World Mosquito Day.

The name of a doctor is associated with mosquito day. The UK’s London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Day celebrated in honor of the British physician named Ronald Ross (1857-1932). The commemoration of World Mosque Day, which began around 1930, is increasing day by day.

World Mosquito Day 2024

The number of dengue patients is increasing every day. The government’s Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control says the number of dengue patients has more than doubled in the first half of August compared to July. According to the department, according to their estimates, the number of dengue patients has risen to 6,900 as of August 8. And in July, the number was 9,220. The director of the disease control department of the health department of the government said. Sania Tahmina says dealing with the dengue situation will be challenging in the next seven days. Because the weather is not favorable.

world mosquitos day

Dengue Patients is Increasing Every Day

Dengue fever is a tropical disease caused by an AIDS mosquito. A rash in the lungs. Dengue patients usually get cured within two to seven days. In some cases the disease is the mother. Dengue fever, which may take the form raktaksari atmaka raktaksari (dengue hemorrhagic fever) is called. This results in bleeding, reduced blood circulation levels and drainage of blood plasma. In some cases dengue shock syndrome sometimes occurs. Blood pressure is dangerously low in dengue shock syndrome.

A few species of Aedes mosquitoes (wife mosquitoes) are the main carriers of the dengue virus, of which Aedes aegypti mosquito is a major cause. Five serotypes of the virus are found. When a virus transmits a serotype, the patient gains lifetime immunity against that serotype, but also gains temporary immunity against a different serotype. Through a variety of tests, such as the virus or its RNA counterpart Dengue fever can also be diagnosed by the presence of antibodies to the disease.

World Mosquito Day 2024 Quotes

Mosquito Day

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina termed the spread of Dengue as a major crisis and urged everyone to keep the house and house clean in order to prevent the spread of Dengue. He made this suggestion at a meeting at his office on Sunday.

The Health Ministry said four dengue patients were admitted to the hospital in the last 24 hours. A dengue patient has died at a hospital in Dhaka.

World Mosquito Day 2024 Messages

We get the option of this twentieth of August to raise awareness about the several illnesses that may possibly be caused by mosquitoes and the methods we can avert them and hold ourselves and our family members risk-free. Have a Content and Safe Environment Mosquito Day everyone!

Malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, West Nile fever, Yellow fever, Lymphatic filariasis, Rift Valley fever and the listing of disorders brought about by mosquitoes goes on. So, continue to be mindful, stay safe and sound, stay healthier and want every person a quite joyful Globe Mosquito Working day!

Mosquito Day Messages

These creatures may appear small but the problems that they induce is fatal. So stay educated, remain mindful and stay harmless and have a Careful Globe Mosquito Working day!

Our planet may possibly be divided by h2o bodies, religions, races, castes, cultures and what not but it is United by its hatred for mosquitoes. Let us get benefit of this unity and assist to make our planet a earth cost-free of mosquitoes. Joyful World Mosquito Day!

_We can adopt a good deal of measures to minimize the populace of mosquitoes like substances, pesticides or biological usually means or simply just by retaining our surroundings clean and hygienic. So this twentieth of August allow us take a vow to add in no matter what way we can to get rid of mosquitoes. Delighted Environment Mosquito Day!

_It’s queer how these very small creatures can cause struggling to human beings and animals and can also guide to their death. So we ought to appear jointly and assist in attaining a world that is free of charge from mosquitoes. Happy World Mosquito Day!

Mosquito Eradication Slogans and Quotes

  • Mosquito sucks! Literally
  • Mosquito: The serious killer
  • Beware of the bite
  • Sorry, No mosquitoes allowed!
  • If they breed, you will bleed
  • It only takes one bite
  • Small bite, Big threat
  • Fight the bite
  • Snap the flying syringe
  • Spray to kill

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