Australia National Day 2024 Perth Fireworks (How to observe)

Australia National Day is also known as Australia Day is a celebration of their anniversary of the first fleet in 1788 by Aurther Phillip in New South Wales. Also on the same day, the first British flag was raised. It is a day of celebration for many people who found a new home in Australia. Many people celebrate this day differently according to their beliefs and family traditions.

The day is often observed with citizenship ceremonies, community events, barbecues, fireworks, and various cultural and entertainment activities. However, it’s important to note that Australia Day has been a topic of debate and discussion, with some advocating for a change in the date due to its association with the arrival of Europeans and its significance for Indigenous Australians.

Australia National Day Observation Date  

On the 26th of January every year, Australia National Day is celebrated all around the states. It is a national holiday. People celebrate the day as a symbol of freedom, unity, values, and pride. Although looking at the history some people celebrate the day as a mourning day with the memory of invasion.

Before the first fleet, many indigenous people used to live in Australia but after British Colonization many people had to leave also the lives of many people became miserable. But also for other people, they found a new home as well as a new identity. As time passes people have started to understand the significance of this day.

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Australia National Day Date

Australia Day 2024 Perth

The whole country celebrates Australia national day with lots of events. Like every year in 2024, Perth will celebrate this day with joy. The whole city is going to celebrate Australia National Day with various activities and decorations with various bright colors which reflect their feeling and pride for the day. Already a one week from January 22 to January 26 full of celebratory events all around the City has been planned.

Around 25 free events have been organized all around the city to celebrate the day with friends and family. Like Lottery west Carnival water playground and skydivers drop, family concert, Birak concert, Morning ceremony and great Aussie Breakfast, Australia day Triathlon or duathlon, and many more.

Australia Day pic

National Australia Day Fireworks

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and other health hazard related risks some activities are kept on hold. One of the greatest attractions for Australia National day is the fireworks. Unfortunately, fireworks are kept on hold for this year. In the previous years, many people came to the cities of Australia to enjoy the huge firework shows.

It is one of the tourist attractions, especially on Australia National day. As the firework has been canceled for this year, various light shows have been organized. In Elizabeth Query one of the light show events named “Shining the Light: The Story of Us” has been organized which is free of cost in Perth City.

Australia Day Fireworks

How to observe the day

Many people celebrate Australia National Day in their own different way. There are various outdoor activities that people can participate in. Family gatherings, small picnics with friends, joining concerts, participation in different sports events and friendly competition, etc. are common among the locals. Many parades are also organized on Australia national day which one can enjoy on that day.

People start their celebration of Australia National day by raising their national flag with pride and love. The biggest highlight of the day is the fireworks. They welcome the day with a massive celebration with fireworks. It is also one of the biggest tourist attractions.

Final Words

Australia National day also known as Australia day holds an enormous significance in the life of each citizen. They celebrate the day with joy and pride in their nationality and identity. The celebration of this day symbolizes the unity and uniqueness of the land of vast diverse ethnic and indigenous people.

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