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Aug 17th Black Cat Appreciation Day History, Interesting Facts, Wishes, celebration

Nothing is more elegant than a black cat: like a miniature Amazon jaguar, they sleep at the highest point in the area, wake up for a few hours every day, wandering around looking for delicious food. The shelter is looking for a new home and can stay in the shelter much longer than they should.

What is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

Black Cat Appreciation Day is a day that falls annually on August 17th.  It’s a day dedicated to celebrating and appreciating black cats! These cute cats deserve all the love in the world. This special day is set up to commemorate them!

History of Black Cat Appreciation Day

Interestingly, cats were greatly respected in ancient Egypt, partly because they were able to control pests such as mice and mice. As we all know, the royal cat wears gold jewelry and can eat directly from the owner’s plate. During the war, there was a woman with a cat’s head named Buster. However, black cats are generally considered unhappy or mischievous these days, but not everyone knows the reason. In Celtic mythology, people believe that fairies can be transformed into black cats, so entering a house or village is considered a symbol of good luck. Fearing that black cats would switch from fairy glasses to magic mirrors and demon glasses, the habit at the time was to severely punish pets who raised black cats and even kill animals themselves. Although no one really believes that black cats are witches or demons in disguise, many people in the West still believe that they are symbols of bad luck.

Black Cat Appreciation Day
Black Cat Appreciation Day Quote

How to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day

Take photos of your black cat, too! Support your local shelters and volunteer. You can groom a black cat (or any cat for that matter), give him cuddles, and maybe even take one home. Overcome your fears and use #BlackCatAppreciationDay while sharing your newfound love for those black cats on social media. There are lots of obvious ways to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day.  Here are a few other creative ideas to help honor this day.

  • Get involved in a local animal shelter and give the black cats a little more love
  • The day is a great day to give an extra gift or special new toy to your own black cat,
  • If you want to adopt a pet, choose a black cat from an animal They are most at risk of euthanasia. Many animal shelters offer adoption offers for black cats on Black Cat Appreciation Day.
  • Make sure to watch Hocus Pocus this Halloween and celebrate the black cat in that movie named Thackery Binx
  • Use the hashtag #BlackCatAppreciationDay to spread the word about the day on social media.

Amusing and Interesting Facts about Black Cat Appreciation Day

  • Enrich your knowledge of Black Cat Appreciation Day with these fun facts:
  • There are two different days of the year that celebrate black cats: today, Black Cat Appreciation Day, and October 27, National Black Cat Day.
  • Black cats are rarely adopted and are more likely to be euthanized in animal shelters.
  • There are 22 different breeds of black cats are available.
  • Sailors considered black cats to be good ship’s cats because they were thought to bring good luck.
  • Pope Gregory IX believed cats (particularly black cats) were satanic and ordered them to be killed.
  • Black cats are associated with Halloween because of the old belief that they were closely linked to witches.

Black Cat Appreciation Day Wishes

“Black is always beautiful and all you need are the eyes to see it. Wishing a very Happy National Black Cat Day to all.”

“Let us never compare cats because of their color because each and every cat is special. Happy National Black Cat Day.”

Aug 17th Black Cat Appreciation Day
Love for Black Cat

“A cat is a cat, whether it is white or black. Look at its innocence.”

“If you are a real cat lover then you would never hate a cat because it is black and not white. Wishing you a very Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day too.

“Cats are so full of love and life that we would never discriminate against them because of their color. Happy National Black Cat Day to all.”


Black cats are just like other cats. They can be loving and sweet or demanding and aloof. Lots of people claim black cats are more loving than other cats, and all of the black cats I’ve known have been very sweet.

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