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Christian Holiday List 2024 (List of Christian Festivals Holidays)

In every religion all over the world, there are so many holidays that people enjoy observing those. Most of the people living in the universe follow Christian religion. So a large number of people across the globe regularly look for the Christian holiday list. In this year of 2024, Christian people are also looking for holiday list. So we have come up with the Christian holiday list 2024. As a result, you all can find out any holiday date from the list easily.

Christian Holiday List 2024

In the Christian holiday list 2024, we see that there are several holidays in every month of the year. That means Christian people can involve themselves in worship, celebration, and other activities with having holidays every month. In some months, there are several holidays. But in some other months there is few or only one holiday.

No matter how many holidays you get, it is your duty to observe the day by praying and celebrating according to your own cultures and values. However, let us have the list in the table below:

Full List of Christian Holiday 2024

Holiday Name Holiday Date Day
Epiphany January 06, 2024 Thursday
The Baptism Of Jesus January 09, 2024 Sunday
Candlemas February 02, 2024 Wednesday
St. Valentine’s Day February 14, 2024 Monday
Ash Wednesday March 02, 2024 Wednesday
St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 2024 Thursday
St. Joseph’s Day March 19, 2024 Saturday
Palm Sunday April 10, 2024 Sunday
Maundy (holy) Thursday April 14, 2024 Thursday
Good Friday April 15, 2024 Friday
Easter April 17, 2024 Sunday
Easter Monday April 18, 2024 Monday
St. George’s Day April 23, 2024 Saturday
Ascension Of Jesus May 26, 2024 Thursday
Happy Pentecost June 05, 2024 Sunday
Trinity Sunday June 12, 2024 Sunday
Corpus Christi June 16, 2024 Thursday
Saints Peter And Paul June 29, 2024 Wednesday
Saint Vladimir July 15, 2024 Friday
St. James The Great Day July 25, 2024 Monday
Lammas August 01, 2024 Monday
The Assumption Of Mary August 15, 2024 Monday
Holy Cross Day September 14, 2024 Wednesday
Michael And All Angels September 29, 2024 Thursday
All Hallows Eve October 31, 2024 Monday
All Saints’ Day November 01, 2024 Tuesday
All Souls’ Day November 02, 2024 Wednesday
Christ The King November 20, 2024 Sunday
Thanksgiving (USA) November 24, 2024 Thursday
Advent – First Sunday November 27, 2024 Sunday
St. Andrew’s Day November 30, 2024 Wednesday
St. Nicholas Day December 06, 2024 Tuesday
Christmas Eve December 24, 2024 Saturday
Christmas December 25, 2024 Sunday
Holy Innocents December 28, 2024 Wednesday
Watch Night December 31, 2024 Saturday

Religious Christian Holiday List 2024

  • Epiphany – 6th January
  • The Baptism Of Jesus – 9th January
  • Candlemas – 2nd February
  • Ash Wednesday- 2nd March
  • Joseph’s Day -19th March
  • Maundy (holy) Thursday – 14th April
  • Good Friday -15th April
  • Easter Sunday -17th April
  • Easter Monday- 18ht April
  • Ascension Of Jesus -26ht May
  • Pentecost – 5th June
  • Holy Cross Day – 14th September
  • All Saints’ Day – 1st November
  • All Souls’ Day – 2nd November
  • Christ The King – 20th November
  • Christmas Eve – 24th December
  • Christmas – 25th December
  • Holy Innocents – 28th December

Festival Christian Holiday List 2024

Day Holiday Date Holiday Name
Monday February 14, 2024 St. Valentine’s Day


Thursday March 17, 2024 St. Patrick’s Day
Sunday April 10, 2024 Palm Sunday
Sunday April 17, 2024 Easter
Saturday April 23, 2024 St. George’s Day
Sunday June 12, 2024 Trinity Sunday
Thursday June 16, 2024 Corpus Christi
Wednesday June 29, 2024 Saints Peter And Paul
Friday July 15, 2024 Saint Vladimir
Monday July 25, 2024 St. James The Great Day
Monday August 01, 2024 Lammas
Monday August 15, 2024 The Assumption Of Mary
Thursday September 29, 2024 Michael And All Angels
Monday October 31, 2024 All Hallows Eve
Thursday November 24, 2024 Thanksgiving (USA)
Sunday November 27, 2024 Advent – First Sunday
Wednesday November 30, 2024 St. Andrew’s Day
Tuesday December 06, 2024 St. Nicholas Day
Saturday December 31, 2024 Watch Night

How Christian People Celebrate Christian Religious Holidays?

Most of the Christian people celebrate the Christian religious holidays in praying and other religious activities. As there is holiday in the date, people spend the time by doing all the great things. Most of them do not compromise with the time doing other things.

How Christian People Celebrate Christian Festival Holidays?

Christian festival holidays bring a lot of joy and enjoyment for Christian people. Almost all the Christian people participate in the celebration activities with their family members, friends, and other beloved ones. They arrange parties, get-togethers, music, dance, rallies, celebrations, and other different cultural and traditional activities.

Final Words

In the Christian holiday list 2024, we have provided the date and name of all the religious and festival holidays observed in the Christian culture. We hope that this list was helpful for you to understand and learn new things. Now, it is your time to observe all the holidays by following the list above.

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