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King Kamehameha Day 2024 Date, Wishes, Quotes, Messages

Kamehameha was a great person who conquered Hawaii. He founded the Kamehameha dynasty and became its king and united the Hawaiian Islands under one kingdom. When King Kamehameha was an infant prince, he was ordered to be put to death by Alapai. But luckily he was reared secretly. He has taken the name Kamehameha after he was adult enough. The meaning of this name is “The Very Lonely One” or “The One Set Apart.” Every year, King Kamehameha Day is celebrated all over the state with great enthusiasm.

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King Kamehameha Day Date and History

King Kamehameha day date is on the 11th of June every year. People all over the country celebrate this day and spend quality time all together. After the death of King Kalaniopuu in 1782, the island of Hawaii was divided into two parts. One part was under the control of his son, Kiwalao, and another part was under the control of his nephew, Kamehameha. Kamehameha was born in 1758 in Kohala, Hawaii.

King Kamehameha Day History

King Kamehameha Parade 2024

The division caused conflicts between the two. They started to fight each other for total control of the islands. But Kamehameha was the person who gained the victory. He then occupied most of the surrounding territories of Hawaii as well. Finally, Kamehameha became the only King of all the Hawaiian Islands. Some important and interesting information regarding King Kamehameha Day is mentioned below:

  • King Kamehameha is also known as Kamehameha the Great.
  • King Kamehameha was the founder of the Kingdom of Hawaii and he was also the first ruler of the dynasty.
  • The day was first observed on June 11, 1872.
  • Kamehameha V was the great-grandson of Kamehameha the Great who passed a royal decree in 1871 that Kamehameha Day should be celebrated all over the dynasty.
  • The day was one of the first holidays proclaimed by the Hawaii State Legislature.
  • Later in 1959, Hawaii became a US state.

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King Kamehameha Parade

Kauai’s King Kamehameha Day Event

Kaua’i will hold its Kamehameha Day event on, June 11. The celebration begins at 9:00am in Lihue with a parade featuring marching bands, decorated floats, local dignitaries, and community organizations.

The highlight of the parade is the mounted units with Pa’u princesses representing each of the eight Hawaiian islands. Each unit displays vibrant colors in stunning costumes and intricately crafted haku lei. Their beautiful horses are expertly “dressed” for the event in matching colors and lei.

king kamehameha day images

King Kamehameha Day 2024 Wishes

King Kamehameha Day is celebrated in a grand way all over the state. The state organizes a parade on this day. After this, the state celebrates a Hoʻolauleʻa. This is a celebration with food and music. It is also known as the block party with food and music. Kapiʻolani Park arranges different cultural exhibitions scattered throughout the areas. Bishop Museum, the premier Hawaiian cultural institution plans arts and crafts, games, sports, and other events on this day.

  • We almost forgot because time is more of a construct than usual, that today is King Kamehameha Day! The library will be closed! Please be safe and enjoy the day.
  • May Jah bless you continually and may you continue to grow. Happy birthday. Happy Kamehameha Day everyone!
  • Today is King Kamehameha Day! He united the Hawaiian Islands in 1801. Let’s celebrate the day by learning this vocabulary. King Kamehameha day
  • A beautiful King Kamehameha Day celebration in Kohala followed by a hike down the Pololu Valley to a black sand beach and a drive through paniolo country
  • Love, appreciation and honour is all that we can only pay to the great King of Hawaii.


King Kamehameha Day Wishes

_Let the songs be sung, and the stories be told for the great deeds of the King.

_King Kamehameha is not only a name but a legend for all us Hawaiians.

_Let the entire world know, that we are celebrating the day,

_Our history would have been so different if it was not the King.

At times, it is important for us to celebrate who we are and this day is all about that.

_King Kamehameha was just the reflection of an idea, for it depends upon us to make that happen.

_Celebrate your choices like you never did before and let the whole world know about it.

_If we want to make a difference, staying united is what we shall start with.

_Let us all come together on this Kamehameha Day and pledge our loyalty to the king and his wise dreams.

_Believe in yourself and keep Hawaii united.

_Hawaii is not only a place of islands and sea but a great nation of united people.

_The fire of unity was lit by the King, now it is for us to carry it on.

_Today’s Hawaii is what the King wanted, so let us keep it that way.

_Be united, be happy for there is no greater pleasure than togetherness.

_ I see Hawaiian spirits on Mauna Kea.

_ I am an Englishman living in the United States looking into space science fakes and supporting the Hawaiian’s ensuring their consecrated terrains.

_ Seven weeks after the beginning of the We Are Mauna Kea dissents in 2024.

_ A quarter of a thousand people had objected to the development of the sacred Hawaiian mountain.

_ To All the Member, wishing you happy Kamehameha Day.

_ Hawaii, Hawaii,

King Kamehameha Day Quotes

People remember King Kamehameha on this day with magnificent celebrations, multicolored floats, grand food and music party, flower decorations, and so on. By celebrating this day, people actually spend a great festive time and enjoy it a lot.

Hawaii is absolutely beautiful.–Rachelle Lefevre

In Hawaii, we have something called Ho’oponopono, where people come together to resolve crises and restore peace and balance.–Duane Chapman

Beating the drums for Hawaii is not hard to do… the place just grows on you. –James MacArthur

I represented the people of Hawaii and this nation honestly and to the best of my ability. I think I did okay.–Daniel Inouye

King Kamehameha Day Quotes

In Hawaii they have such a different mentality and different priorities.–Nikki Reed

The beauty of Hawaii probably surpasses other places. I like the Big Island and the two mountains, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, where you can look out at the stars.–Buzz Aldrin

Hawaii is so complex; there are so many points of view, and there are so many experiences to see and to find.–Kaui Hart Hemmings

I had a very spoilt childhood. Not that my family were incredibly wealthy, but we lived on the beautiful island of Hawaii where everything was lush and in abundance.–Marie Helvin

Eventually, I want to move to Hawaii and chill forever.–Riley Keough

I still consider myself a little, fat kid from Hawaii.–Robert Kiyosaki

Happy King Kamehameha Day to you and your family.

_Cheers to 11th of June for the country’s unification.

_United we stand, divided we fall, so the King united us.

_Keep calm and love King Kamehameha.

_Let’s celebrate the day to pay our homage and respect to King Kamehameha.

King Kamehameha Day Messages
Beautifully adorned Pa’u Princess

King Kamehameha Day Messages

_Long live the King.

_If Hawaii is the beauty then king Kamehameha is the cause.

_King Kamehameha: A God among the Monarch.

_Let’s not forgotten the day and take our freedom for granted.

_Freedom is what we deserved and freedom is what to got.

_Let the Hawaiians rejoice the freedom to this day and the many days to come.

_The ideal King of Hawaii: King Kamehameha.

_A big salute to the King and to his noble deeds.

_Let’s forget our differences and enjoy the day together.

_Today may not be the independence day for the whole country but let us enjoy the same for Hawaii.

_Let us pay the respect to the motherland and the King who unified us to this day.

_To this day, all communities must come together and enjoy the day.

_Let us not forget that a celebration on Kamehameha Day is a sigh of togetherness for the entire nation.

_Celebrating this day enables the society to appreciate our differences and live on with it.

_On this day, events must be held as a token of appreciation and recognition for the great King’s work.

_This is the day when different cultures must meet together and recognize each other.

_An important objective of this Day is to show the great unity in our vast diversity.

_Hawaii is paradise born of fire, so let us keep that fire going.

_The beautiful Hawaii shall never be divided again, for that was the wish of the King.

_Celebrate, drink and enjoy in the name of the King.

_Let the parade go on forever in the name of our great King Kamehameha I.

_The past shall never be forgotten for that is what makes up the future.

_The King may die but let his name triumph from this day forward.

_Let the statue be decorated again, for what is dead may never die.


King Kamehameha Day is a public holiday in the state of Hawaii in the USA. By celebrating this day, the people of the state pay tribute to the greatest king of the dynasty. If king Kamehameha was not born, the Islands would not be working together as one. After reading this article, we hope that you have got a clear idea about this day and its history.

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