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National Daughters Day 2024: Date, History, Activities (How Celebrate?)

The National Daughters Day in the United States is September 25th each year. This day celebrates people’s awareness of giving birth to girls instead of boys. The original reason for the creation of a national or international girl’s festival was to eliminate the stigma of giving birth to girls instead of boys in most countries. This is a day to cherish our daughter. However, developed countries celebrated the day of giving birth and raising daughters with joy. Parents are blessed to have children, whether they are men or women or others. Therefore, every day should be cherished. However, it is good to set aside a day to commemorate them.

History of National Daughters Day

The National Daughters Day originated in India. Archies Limited invented National Daughters Day. They created this festival to raise awareness and promote that daughters in certain areas of India are considered a burden, not as imbalanced as their sons. Parents in developing countries tend to prefer their sons and disrespect their daughters. The purpose of this holiday is to encourage people to show their daughters that they are proud and loved by their daughters.

The problem of gender imbalance also exists in the United States. For many years, women have been discriminated against and face greater obstacles than men. For example, issues such as the gender pay gap are still very common today. In the United States, National Daughters Day is a day for parents to show their importance to their daughters. It is also a day for educating them to gain power and know that they are as good as men.

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Importance of National Daughters Day

It is very important for daughters to feel valued in the family, because often in single-parent families, or families with many children but the parents cannot afford the children, the responsibility of caring for the children and the family falls on the eldest daughter. When the adults are away, many times, this is what makes the family run smoothly. Daughters also often establish strong bonds with their parents and usually take care of their parents when they grow up.

Celebration of National Daughters Day

What do they want to do? Maybe go shopping. If the weather is good, they may want to go outside. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your daughter and her interests. Celebrate with food to make any occasion special. Baking together in the kitchen for a day is a great way to combine and at the same time teach your girl new skills. Let your daughter choose the dinner they want or take them to their favorite restaurant.

At the same time, your daughters may just want to stay alone and do their own thing today. Allowing them to have their own independence is important, and you can express appreciation for them, just show that you respect them.

Children are a blessing, whether they are boys, girls, or others. They should be cherished every day, but it is especially good to set aside a day to commemorate them. After all, there are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to celebrate their parents.

National Daughters Day Activities

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Father-daughter Fun

This is a major event in many communities. On National Daughters Day, after enjoying a delicious dinner in the main hall, the father and daughter can enjoy the time by doing some funny childish activities and this will always be a golden memory for you.

National Daughter's Day make fun
National Daughter’s Day make fun

Reading Some Influential Books

National Daughters Day is a great time to read any influential book such as “Little Women” and “Anne Frank’s Diary”. This book gives us the opportunity to read the thoughts and dreams of our daughter facing an incredible situation.

Let her take the lead

Since National Daughters Day is about how great our daughter is, consider asking your daughter to tell you what she wants to do today. However, if your daughter just wants to play with her staff, let her choose. This is her day!


National Daughters Day is a day to celebrate and cherish the daughter who has brought so much love to our lives. Although we really don’t need a reason to celebrate our children, we are happy to have the opportunity to give our daughters some extra attention and show them how much they are loved.

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