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National Kitten Day 2024 July 10 | Kitten Day Images, Quotes, Facts

National Kitten Day 2024 is celebrated all over the country with a view to acknowledging the love and joy kittens bring to our life. It is also a day to encourage the adoptions of kitten rather than abandoning them on the roadside or any other place. Basically, kittens are such loveable pets that we all love and adore them. We especially like their big heads, adorable eyes, surprising look, suitable mews they sound, and so on.

National Kitten Day Date

National Kitten Day is observed on 10th July throughout the United States. The day brings a lot of happiness and fun moments for kitten lovers.

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Some Interesting Facts about National Kitten Day

There are tons of interesting facts about kittens. Some of the interesting facts about National Kitten Day are mentioned below for you:

  • Colleen Paige who is a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Author and Animal Advocate has founded National Kitten Day.
  • Research shows that checking out kitten photos increases productivity and is good for mental health.
  • Having a cat around you can reduce the risk of heart attack, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and also reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, etc.
  • If you let your child grow up with cats then your child will have reduced allergic and asthma issues.
  • Cats are one of the friendliest pets you can have in your home.

National Kitten Day Date

How to Celebrate National Kitten Day 2024

People celebrate National Kitten Day by doing a lot of fun activities. If you have not adopted a kitten yet, then the best way of celebrating this day for you will be adopting one. A cute and tiny kitten is really a source of happiness for all. If you already have a kitten in your home, you can take special care of it and give a special gift or treat to your kitten. If you cannot adopt one, you can motivate others to adopt.

Another best way to celebrate the day is to volunteer to help kittens at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). You have some quality time and feel great if you volunteer at ASPCA. You can also spend the day playing with your kittens more and have a lot of fun.

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National Kitten Day 2024 Images

Who doesn’t love beautiful National Kitten Day Images? In this era of social media, millions of photos are being uploaded daily to social media platforms. But how many of them are eye-catching? A beautiful photo can convey the art of your mind so easily that nothing can compete with these.

Kitten Day Images

National Kitten Day pic
National Kitten Day pic

happy Kitten Day

National Kitten Day Quotes


  • “A kitten gets himself into every kind of trouble.” – Champfleury
  • “A kitten is in the animal world what a rosebud is in the garden.” – Robert Southey
  • “Gather kittens while you may, Time brings only sorrow; And the kittens of today; Will be old cats tomorrow.” – Oliver Herford
  • “Even the heart of a kitten is reliable if you know how to rely on.” – Munia Khan
  • “Kittens believe that all nature is occupied with their diversion.” – F.A. Paradis de Moncrif

National Kitten Day Quotes

Guidelines tips for kittens adoption

You can adopt a kitten. Here is a set of guidelines provided for the people before adopting the kittens which are listed below:

  • Read through and understand the application and the terms in it. The instructions are for animal welfare, for the employees and for adopting persons
  • Ask questions. It ‘s important you and the shelter have an understanding. Most shelters have volunteers and salaried staff.
  • A good shelter wishes for a positive placement for the cat. Some animals get anxious while others get along with anybody and any kind of animal
  • Consider the size of the home and surroundings place of the home
  • Check with people that everybody gets along with kittens or anybody have allergies
  • Spending time with pets is very important. Check the work schedule and plan the time for the first
  • So, if one decides to adopt the kitten, make sure to visit the shelter for a few days. Play along with the kitten. Spend time keeping them groomed. See how other cats respond to the kitten and check whether that kitten will get along with dogs

Final Words

It is true that celebrating National Kitten Day 2024 is one of the best initiatives for pet lovers, especially for cat lovers. A large number of people all over the world also observe this day and show their love and affection towards their kitten.

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