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National Lipstick Day 2024 July 29 Images, Wishes

National lipstick day is such a wonderful day that brings one of the best opportunities to women to wear best color. You will get surprised after knowing that lipstick is the only makeup requirement form many women. But for others, who are used to understand the makeup and familiar with different cosmetics, lipstick is a must for them also. The day has been celebrating for a long since with joy.

National Lipstick Day Date

The national lipstick day date is on 29th July every year. Women all over the country are very happy and pleased that they have got a special day to wear their distinctive colors. Lipstick is being used for thousands of years in different means and terms such as from gemstones to crushed bugs.

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National Lipstick Day Date

Some important facts about National Lipstick Day

There are lots of important and interesting facts about national lipstick day. Some of the interesting parts of thins wonderful day are mentioned below:

  • Many said that Sara Bernhard created a scandal by applying ‘lip rouge’ in public.
  • Many will get surprised that George Washington supposedly wore lipstick.
  • Winston Churchill had a view that the lip color boosted morale in an excellent way.
  • Queen Victoria did not like wearing lipstick because she considered it as showing an impolite behavior.
  • British Parliament banned wearing lipstick in 1770 as they considered it as a trick to trap men into marriage.

july 29 national lipstick day

Celebrate National Lipstick Day

People celebrate national lipstick day in different ways and styles. This is especially a day for women but men also participate in the event and share joy and happiness. On the occasion of this day, most people wear their favorite lipstick or go to near buy market to buy their preferred color. You can take your photos or selfies wearing lipstick and share these on different platforms.

It is also good to join different events or parties with your friends wearing your favorite lipstick. You can also post your thought on several social media platforms so that you can let others know the history or the significance of this day. You can also use a hash tag #nationallipstickday and start using the hash tag in your posts, tweets, etc.

National Lipstick Day Images

National Lipstick Day 2024 Images

Happy National Lipstick Day images collection is now available here. Today is the United States Biggest Festival National Lipstick Day.

National Lipstick Day pic

Lipstick Day Images

Lipstick Day Flag

National Lipstick Day Wishes

National Lipstick Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Sayings, Status

  • National Lipstick Day! Lipstick There’s no better way to celebrate than with our favorite type of rainbow… lipstick shades!
  • Happy National Lipstick Day Kiss mark Lipstick Mouth Support this small business owner with a Retweet & a purchase today!
  • Everyone has a favorite shade but remember to celebrate National Lipstick Day responsibly. Lipstick Don’t apply while driving.
  • Happy national lipstick day, friends! Just want you all to know I think you’re beautiful! Keep doing you! Kiss mark.

Happy Lipstick Day Images

  • Happy National Lipstick day! If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.
  • Happy National Lipstick Day!! I’m wearing one of my face MK Semi-Shine Gel lipstick in “Haute Pink”!
  • What shade are you rocking today.
  • there’s just something about a bold lip that makes me feel put together . Which do you prefer? Bald or neutral? Happy National Lipstick Day!
  • It’s national lipstick day , something a little light for today’s thoughts ! I love bright lips , it’s makes me feel confident and brighter everyday and we all need a bit more if that !

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 Final Words

Ancent Summerian is said to the first person to wear lipstick. National lipstick day is a day of super fun and joy for those who especially like lipsticks very much. You can also purchase a new lipstick from the shop and celebrate the day with great enthusiasm.

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