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Celebrate National Radio Day 2024 on August 20

The National Radio Day will be held on August 20, 2024. This is a special day of honor for this communication medium. With a radio radio broadcasts can be received, which are usually broadcast in world on ultra short wave frequency (VHF). Also possible is a transmission in high frequency via broadband cable.

These electromagnetic signals are then converted to acoustic signals and reproduced. For the National Radio Day, the radio should be turned up and listened to the favorite radio show. Many radio stations dedicate a special program to the National Radio Day, which also includes competitions.

National Radio Day 2024

This year broadcasters, producers and listeners are planning to make National Radio Day the biggest yet. On August 20 stations around the country will broadcast special programming and hold events to celebrate this most enduring electronic medium.

Prior to radio technology, all we had to spread news and information was word of mouth and paper. Enter radio and the world has a completely new form of communicating. It opened the floodgates for advertising, the music industry, government transparency, real-time news, and opinion-sharing.

Whew! What a party.” – what nobody said after International Radio Day on August 20th.

Yep, you missed it. No worries, seemingly everyone did.

National Radio Day – History

1927 FCC: The Radio Act of 1927 created the Federal Radio Commission (FRC) which was later renamed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1934.
1920 Testing… testing…

KDKA receives the first U.S. radio broadcasting license.

1906 Violins and the BIble

On Christmas Eve, Reginald Fessenden broadcasts the first radio program: some violin playing and passages read from the Bible.

1895 Radio Is born

Italian inventor, Guglielmo Marconi, sends and receives his first radio signal.

National Radio Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 August 21 Wednesday
2020 August 21 Friday
2021 August 21 Saturday
2022 August 21 Sunday
2023 August 21 Monday

How to celebrate National Radio Day

You can Donate to your local public broadcast station

While it’s easy to romanticize radio, it’s important to remember that it’s a much smaller industry than it used to be. Public broadcasting stations survive on donations, so to keep the world of radio alive, it’s important to do your part and give a little. Think of it as a way to say thank you for all the information and music you’ve received over the years.

Promote radio Channel

Whether it’s commercial, noncommercial, AM, or FM, National Radio Day is your chance to show why radio is important to you. Do this by sharing your thoughts on social media under the hashtag #NationalRadioDay. Last year, more than 20,000 tweets were sent out, but organizers hope this year will see far more than that. Jump in and join the conversation!

Get yourself a fixer-upper

If you know even a little about electronics, try your hand at buying an old radio from an antique store or thrift store and see what you can get spinning inside. Sometimes all it takes is a little cleaning and tuning and you can be listening to modern summer tunes on a vintage 1950s radio.

Happy National Radio Day to radio broadcasters and listeners everywhere!

Dear Reader:

I won’t even ask if you are a radio listener, because, of course, you are!  What is your favorite program and when do you listen to the radio: in the car, as you try to wake up, making dinner, or all of the above?  Have you listened to Russian radio?  If so, you have my sympathy!

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