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Orangemen’s Day 2024 : The Ulster Protestant Celebration

Orangemen’s Day 2024 is also known as the Twelfth or the Glorious Twelfth that is an Ulster Protestant celebration observed on 12th July every year. The day is observed to pay honor to the victory of Irish protestant kind William of Orange over Catholic King James II at the battle of the Boyne. The battle was held in 1690 that is seen as a significant part of the history of Ireland.

Happy Orangemen’s Day Date

Orangemen’s Day date is on 12th July that is celebrated all over the country with great interest and enthusiasm. The day is also celebrated in some parts of the United Kingdom, especially in Northern Ireland.

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Some Important Facts of Orangemen’s Day

There are some notable, historic, and important facts about the Orangemen’s Day. Some of the most significant and interesting parts of this day are mentioned below for you:

  • The Irish protest or the Ulster protest was first held in the late 18th century in Ulster.
  • On the day of Orangemen’s Day or Twelfth, large parades are held by the Orange Order and Ulster loyalist bedecking roads with British flags and bunting and marching band.
  • The day is now celebrated in Ulster especially in Northern Ireland today where it is a public holiday.
  • The day is also celebrated in some Newfoundland and Labrador communities where the celebration day is rescheduled in the winter season considering the benefits of fishermen during the lucrative cod fishing season.
  • The color orange is an important symbol of celebrating Orangemen’s Day that represents the monarchs in the House of Orange.

How to Celebrate Orangemens Day?

People celebrate the Orangemen’s Day in various ways and it is generally celebrated with a Protestant Irish or Scottish background. The Lodges of the Orange Order arranges parades in some locations or areas of Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario, particularly Toronto. While the parades happen, members of the lodges and their families march carrying banners showing the name of the lodge.

The members also carry symbols associated with the Orange Order. Marching bands are also a part of the parades. After finishing the parades and bands, many members also organize picnics, communal meals, or dancing.

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Orangemen’s Day Newfoundland

On the moment of celebrating Orangemen’s Day 2024 , many Canadian people participate in the parade with banners having an orange or blue background. Many of them carry images like a cross, the bible, biblical texts, a crown, and many other things. Many also carry Union flag and everyone celebrate the day with great pride.

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