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World Freedom Day-date, History, significance

World Freedom Day-date, History, significance

Freedom is the ultimate demand of a human being. You have everything but no freedom then, all your belongings are useless and don’t make any difference. Freedom is the state where one can enjoy however he wants to, live one’s life happily, and express his feelings accordingly with no obstacles.

The world Freedom Day remarks one of the most significant events of the last century regarding freedom and rights. After the WW-II in eastern Europe, communism rose and the present german was divided into two parts with a wall named the Berlin wall. This wall divided thousands of people from their families, regions, and people. on this day November 9, the Berlin wall was demolished and the people of Germany could come together and live a free life such as before.

World Freedom Day-Date

World freedom day is observed on the 9th of November annually as a  federal holiday. The day remarks the freedom of choice, democracy, and people of Germany.

History of the World Freedom Day

World freedom day came with the fall of the Berlin wall in Germany. In 1961 after world war 2 the Germans lost and the land was occupied by the two different fronts of the world power. The west part of Germany was occupied by America, France, and Britain. They dominated the west of Germany. And the other part of Germany which was East Germany was occupied by the socialist Soviet Union. As a result, the city of Berlin fell under the occupation of the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union was a socialist or communist country and the other front consisting of America, France, and Britain was a democratic country. The East part got recognition as a free country under Soviet Rule In 1949. As the city of Berlin was under the control of the Soviets they wanted to prevent the illegal immigration of people from West Germany to East Germany. And thus the Berlin wall was made.

The wall remained still as the obstacle of freedom between the two German regions from 1969 to 1989. During this period around 5000 people cross over the wall and migrate from the two sides of the wall. And while going over the wall around 100 people lost their lives.

The situation kept becoming worse and the people of Germany from both parts became desperate to bring down the wall. They later broke the wall little by little. And on the 9th of November, the wall was completely abolished and Germany became a  single country again.

The breakdown of the wall was not just an occasion, rather it was the symbol of freedom, the victory of democracy, and the will of the people. This made Germany more powerful, resourceful and harmony was restored between the two parts of Germany.

The Chronology of The Event

with the defeat of Germany in world war II, it was occupied by the two powerful fronts of the war. The East was occupied by the socialist soviet union and the west was occupied by the allied force Britain-America-France.

In the year 1949, the post-war period, East Germany was declared as a free state under the dominance of the soviet union.

In 1961 the concept of building a wall was first introduced and concrete and wire were initially used to build the wall.

This kept the people of Germany separated for nearly 30 years. In 1987 the idea of breaking down the wall started getting popularity and then U.S president  Ronald Regan visited the wall and gave his speech titled ‘Tear down the wall.’

In 1989, the wall was finally abolished by the people of Germany. They used every kind of tool to break down the wall.

In 2001, U.S president G.W. Bush declared the day as world freedom day and made it a federal observance day.

The day remarks the victory, democracy, truth, harmony, and freedom. This made the unification of Germany once again.

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