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World Orphan Day-Date, History, Significance

World Orphan Day-Date, History, Significance

The orphans are most probably the most helpless human beings in the world. Any children less than 18 having no parents or only one are orphans. The orphans deserve the love and care from the world. The world orphans day remarks that orphans deserve a normal life. 

November 8, 2024, will be celebrated as World Orphans Day. This day works as a reminder to us as it reminds us of the tragic scenario of an orphan’s life. This day also reminds us that they are a part of the world. They deserve a normal life too. And it is also our duty to contribute to help them lead a normal life.  There are many organizations working for the sake of the betterment of the orphans. 

 World Orphans day- Date 

World orphans day is celebrated on the second Monday of every November. Since then this day has been celebrated annually. The day keeps us aware of the fact that orphans are also our brothers and sisters and they also deserve a normal life. This year it will be celebrated on November 8. 


The concept of orphans is as old as human civilization. Having no parents alive or one of them alive, any child under 18 is an orphan. The orphans have always been deprived of a normal life. In ancient times orphans were mostly neglected. In the 400 A.D during the roman civilization, traces have been found of the first orphanage. Which means orphans used to be taken care of before. The orphanage is basically an asylum for the orphans where they can live at least. 

During middle age, in Europe when churches became powerful and started intervening in social and state affairs, they put emphasis upon taking care of the orphans. Orphans were adopted by the churches noticeably then. 

But in the 1900s the number of orphans started increasing in a rapid manner. But the system of the orphanages was very poor, which caused bad health and even deaths of the orphans. That drew the attention of the important people of the society then. Then it was considered that the orphanages are not a suitable place for the orphans. 

Today there are more than 153 million orphans around the world. Most of them are victims of wars and natural disasters. And 99% of them are not adopted by anybody.

The increasing number of orphans has many reasons. War is one of the main reasons. Every year millions of children are being orphaned due to this heinous crime. Besides this, victims of natural calamities, children of AIDS patients, or many fatal diseases are some of the mentionable reasons for the orphans.

There are some organizations that work worldwide for the betterment of orphans. Stars Foundation is one of them that works worldwide for orphans. They raise funds and spend them for the well-being of the orphans. Countries such as Brazil, Iran, Russia Federation, Columbia, Mexico, South Africa, Peru have the highest increasing number of orphans. 

In America, in 1806 the first orphanage was established in New York by a philanthropist. 

The novel ‘Oliver Twist’, 1838 by Charles Dickens, made a huge impact on the life of orphans. He wrote there the plight of the orphans and the frightening scenario of child labor. 

In 1935, The modern concept of foster parents was developed and introduced in The U.S.A.

Organizations Working For the Orphans

There are many organizations that work for the orphans but the following few are most promising:


Besides these organizations every country has local organizations and even gov.t have plans for orphans in almost every country. 

Observing the Day

One can observe the day in various ways. But every way should reflect the concern for the orphans. We can arrange a meal for a whole day for the orphans. Parents having the ability to bear up another child should go and adopt an orphan. Making some donations that will help ease the life of the orphans. Doing campaigns and raising funds for the orphans can be another example of observing the day.

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