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Happy Finland Independence Day 2024 : History, Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images

Finland has its own independence. Finnish Independence Day is a public holiday. People of Finland have their own traditions to observe their independence day. There is a great history behind Finland’s Independence Day. Finland became an independent country on Dec. 6, 1917. Finnish celebrate their independence with great enthusiasm. Most of the people from the country come out from their homes to celebrate their independence.

Finland’s Independence History

Finland Independence Day is celebrated on 6th December when people show their vast patriotism. Finland gained independence from Russia in 1917 on this day. Since 1809, Finland was the part of the Russian Empire.  After the Russian revolution and their defeat in the First World War, a considerable movement spread in Finland and finally, Finland got their independence.

Some important facts and details of Finland Independence Day are mentioned in the table below so you can have a brief idea of their independence at a glance.

independence day in finland
Independence day in Finland

Happy Independence Day in Finland

Facts Details
Finland Independence Day Observance 6th December
Finland got its independence in 1917
Finland got its independence from Russian Empire
Finland was the part of the Russian Empire since 1809
Purpose of Finland Independence Day Observance To show their vast patriotism to the country.

Finland Independence Day Celebration

Finland Independence Day is observed in great celebration every year. On the occasion of this day, people display their flag with great pride, decorate the windows of their stores with different things, and arrange different patriotic activities. People from different places arrange several events, seminars, and discussion programs to celebrate Finland Independence Day. The government and the higher authority take vast preparation to celebrate the day in a grand style.

Finland Independence Day Celebration
Finland Independence Day Celebration

Dates of Independence Day in Finland

Year Date Years of Independence
2019 Friday, December 6
102 Years of Independence
2020 Sunday, December 6 103 Years of Independence
2021 Monday, December 6 104 Years of Independence
2022 Tuesday, December 6 105 Years of Independence
2023 Wednesday, December 6 106 Years of Independence

Finland Independence Day Wishes

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Finland Independence Day Wishes

Many of you are looking for Finland Independence Day Wishes on the occasion of this day to wish your friends, family members, loving ones, and others. Considering your needs, we have come up with some of the best Finland Independence Day Wishes. Below are the wishes you can share with your friends and others.

  • It’s always better to die for the country and fight for freedom than be a prisoner in the whole life. We are proud that we have independence. Happy Finland Independence Day!!
  • You cannot compare freedom and independence with anything else. Celebrate this Independence Day with great pride. Happy Finland Independence Day!!
  • Don’t think about how the weather is today and what plans you have in your mind, let’s come outside and celebrate our Independence Day together. Happy Finland Independence Day!!
  • It’s true that freedom is priceless. We are proud that we have the freedom and an independent country. Wishing you a very Happy Finland Independence Day!!
  • One of the greatest things in life is freedom and the greatest people are patriotic people. Let us love the country no matter in which situation we live in. Happy Finland Independence Day!!

happy independence day finland

Happy Finland’s Independence Quotes

  • May the morning sun brings hope and fortunes to our country today as we are celebrating our national day of freedom. Happy December 6th to all you proud Fins!
  • The Love of My Nation Is Worthiness, The Adoration For My People Is Unending, All That I Need For My Nation Is Peace & Happiness, Let Me Be The First To, Wish You A Happy Independence Day!
  • Let the spirit of freedom a chance to soar high up today. Wish you a fabulous celebration.
  • It is by the integrity of God that in our nation we have those three unspeakably valuable things: the right to speak freely, freedom on conscience, and the prudence never to rehearse either of them.
  • If the freedom of speech is taken away from a nation, dumb and silent we might be driven, like a sheep to the butcher – Thanks To Our Freedom Fighters & Ancient Leaders For Gifting Us An ‘Independent’ Finland!
  • I am no bird and no net captures me: I am an Independent Finnish with an Independent will.

Finland's Flag

Happy Finland Independence Day Messages

  • I’d like to wish all my Finnish friends a happy Finnish independence day! You have a beautiful, peaceful and very welcoming country.
  • Happy Independence Day, Finland! We’re proud of our Finnish heritage – all the sisu and the innovative work that has taken us where we now stand. With the same courageous attitude, the next 100 years will be wondrous!
  • Finnish people say being born in Finland is equal to winning a jackpot in the lottery, and I can’t really deny that! I’m grateful for being part of this beautiful, well-educated country.
  • May the morning sun brings hope and fortunes to our country today as we are celebrating our 102 years of Independence.
  • Let the spirit of freedom a chance to soar high up today. I wish you a fabulous celebration on Finnish Independence Day 2024!
  • On this day of Finland’s Freedom, I bow before the holy spirit of those heroes who sacrificed their lives for Finland’s Independence from Russia. May their souls rest in peace!

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Independence Day is always great for people in every country. So Finland Independence Day is also a great day for Finnish. Wishing you all a very happy Finland Independence Day!!

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