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National Text Your Ex Day 2024: Messages, Wishes, Captions

Ex is one of the painful memories in your brain cell. You have spent a lot of time together as a couple, but now you are apart. Someone so close to your heart and life is now completely stranger. Sometimes people might have an urge to know how their exes are doing, that is why there is a day called ‘Text your ex day’. It may seem a bit weird to many but National Text Your Ex Day actually exists.

National Text Your Ex Day Date

Every year, October 30 is celebrated the National Text Your Ex Day. This year Saturday, October 30 is the National text your ex day. This day does not discriminate either you are already broken up or breaking up with your ex. There is no harm to text your ex on this day.

Some Important Tips On National Text Your Ex Day

If you are wondering whether it is right to text your ex, you need to keep in mind some facts:

  • Do not text your ex if you have suffered a lot from the previous relationship. Some relation is toxic, getting out of this relationship is mandatory. If you have such kind of past, do not brag about that by texting your ex.
  • Do not text your ex if you are still not over the pain from the breakup.
  • This day is a great occasion for apologizing to your ex. If you have done anything wrong or have cheated on your ex, this day is a chance to say your unspoken words.
  • Just keep in mind that you are not bound to celebrate this day. If texting your ex can harm your present relationship-do not text!!
  • If texting your ex jeopardizes his/her present condition or relationship you should not text them.
  • Remember why you have broken up with your ex and act accordingly. One text message can reverse the whole situation and end up pretty bad.

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National Text Your Ex Day

How to Celebrate National Text Your Ex Day?

You can celebrate this national text your ex day in a variety of way such as:

  • By sending a text to your ex about how he/she is doing.
  • Celebrate this day with your friends who have recently broken up or trying to get over a break-up. Spend some time with them. You can cheer them up by taking them to a movie, shopping, or picnic.
  • If you are or your ex-partner does not start to see anyone new, there is a chance on this day to repair your relationship.
  • Send a text message to your ex over mobile or social media. You can send a funny message or indicate something related to your past relationship. Or simply message them to see how they are doing.
  • You can ask them if they are still single or have already started to see someone. This day is an occasion to soothe your concern.

When NOT To Text Your Ex:

  1. If you’re not over your ex. This is only going to make it harder.
  2. If it’s not being very long and you’re doing it just to play games or be spiteful.
  3. If you’ve moved on and are with someone else. Disrespectful or what?
  4. If you have no actual desire or see no additional benefit in doing so.

National Text Your Ex Day Messages, Wishes

1) Is it wrong that I still love my ex-boyfriend? Then why doesn’t he come to me and make it right?

2 I don’t want to move on and give our relationship a friendly ending. I want you to take me back in your arms and give it a new beginning. I still love you.

4) You may have broken up with me but I want to remind you that nothing can stop my heart from loving you… not even you. I love you.

5) I promise to help you achieve all your dreams, even though you have shattered mine. I promise to be perfect, even though you show me my imperfections all the time. I still love you.

6) I can’t say that I miss you because I have not even begun getting over you. I still love you.

7) Maybe our relationship wasn’t meant to be, but you mean everything to me. Let’s try to be lovers and not mates, I still believe in love’s beautiful fate. I still love you.

8) We live once and we die once… and our love is definitely not going to be a regret. I love you.

9) I don’t care that you don’t love me anymore. All I care about is that I love you and I want you to be mine, even though you don’t want me to be yours.

10) My friend asked me if I needed any help moving on and I replied ‘No, I need help getting him back’! I still love you boy.

This holiday – it’s like life… It’s all about what you make of it. So if you’ve stumbled across National Text Your Ex Day, and it’s now on your radar, use it as a turning point.

  • Look at how far you’ve come. Look at how much you’ve changed.
  • Think about how much you’ve learnt – how much you’ve grown.
  • Consider anything that’s holding you back – that’s stopping you from getting over your ex.
  • And decide that right now, you’re going to turn the page and welcome your next chapter.

Line up a date for the day, spend time with friends and family. And remember – your ex is an ex for a reason.

Don’t look back, keep moving forward. Because trust me, there is so much goodness ahead!

Captions Ideas for National Text Your Ex Day

Some text ideas for national text your ex day included here that helps to fresh your mind-

  • “Don’t forget me, I never forget you”
  • “I’m remembering you because it was my first love, be happy”
  • “Life is short but the memory lives on the earth”
  • “I always pray to your happy life, I miss you”
  • “We’re separate but memory live together”
  • “I wish to be happy for you & your family”

Final Words

Break up is not a piece of cake, it is heart-breaking. Getting over a break-up is never easy for everyone. There are a lot of people who can’t stop thinking about their ex. Sometimes they are deeply in love with their ex. It is always complicated to face your ex. Sometimes people feel peace of mind by texting their ex. So you can celebrate National Text Your Ex Day.

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