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National Umbrella Day History, Activities, Wishes, Messages, Quotes

On a hot summer day or rainy day, carrying an umbrella is quite a common figure. This ever-helpful household item not only protects you from sunburn but also from getting drenched by rainwater. So don’t you think a day by its name is worth celebrating? Let’s explore more about National Umbrella Day and its activities, history, messages, quotes and wishes.

About Umbrella Day

Hearing the word, Umbrella you may almost start to sing Rihanna’s umbrella song, isn’t it? Dancing in the rain while holding an umbrella is one of the most pleasant moments to feel. It is possible only when you are not in a hurry. 

How would you go out on a rainy day or hot sunny weather without an umbrella? Have you ever pondered over it? Umbrella can eradicate the obstacles of going out in unpleasant weather. Now we can easily run outside without a second thought about the weather. 

Every year the 10th of February is celebrated as National Umbrella DayNational Umbrella Day is celebrated to remind us of the usefulness of an umbrella. From sunlight to heavy rainfall, it protects us by giving us a shield. 

National Umbrella Day History 

From ancient times to now, umbrellas have become an integral part of our life. You may wonder how this day’s celebrations came into our life. The inventor of the umbrella day is still not found. It is assumed that from the 18th century it was used as a female accessory. Then in the 19th century, people started using it as a necessary household item. An Englishman named Jonas Hanway was first seen carrying an umbrella.

The first and foremost commercial umbrella was produced by James and Sons in 1830. The umbrella in your hand now has come through a lot of modifications. It is manufactured based on the demand and choice of consumers. The latest umbrellas are small in size, more diversified in colour, easy to carry and more resilient to rain and the sun heat. 

Umbrella Day Activities

National Umbrella Day is all about a shout-out of an umbrella. To celebrate this day, make a day tour with your handy umbrella and have a drink. Take a picture and make videos. And post it on your social media using the hashtag #umbrelladay.

If you don’t have one, then buy it on this day. You can also give your close ones umbrellas as a token of love on this day. Hang out with all your friends in colourful umbrellas. Make a photo shoot holding different colours of umbrellas in your hand.

Umbrella Day Messages 

Wish your dear ones to make them feel special on this day. Share your post on Instagram, Facebook or other social media.

“Keep holding me as you do the umbrella on a rainy day. Happy Umbrella day dear.”

“Just like an umbrella supports you in bad times, I will also support you. Wish you an umbrella day my friend.”

“Every day is Umbrella day. Happy Umbrella day to you.”

“Umbrellas never leave you alone as I do. Happiest Umbrella Day to you dear.”

“Best wishes to you on Umbrella day. Have a good day.”

Umbrella Day Quote

Famous people mention the name of the umbrella in their quotes. You can share it on social media just by giving courtesy. 

“Not the one who does not have an umbrella, but the one who does not like the rain, gets wet most under the rain!”-Mehmet Murat ildan.

“Sometimes life will force you to walk in the rain without an umbrella, while there is lightning and thunder. If you find yourself in that circumstance, don’t feel bad at all, that’s how life is sometimes.”-ThandazoPerfectKhumalo


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