Upside Down BD Dhaka Location & Entry Fee

There are many Upside Down Houses in different countries of the world. Many of you may also have heard of ‘Upside Down House‘ located in different places and countries throughout the world. It is something like a peculiar spot where everything is upside down. Basically this is a strange picture spot where instead of the floor you can see here everything is hanging on the ceiling including the furniture and other things.

Upside Down BD in Lalmatia, Dhaka

Now upside down house “Upside Down BD” has been built in Lalmatia, Dhaka.  You can enjoy this fun experience in the country’s upside down house. Tourists of all ages and professions make a huge crowd to this upside down houses for a fun experience watching everything upside down. When you enter here instead of the floor, you can see everything on the ceiling with furniture!

Upside Down Dhaka

 Upside Down BD Location

Upside Down BD is located at the C block of Lalmatia, Dhaka. It is on 2/6 no. building on the east side of the Minar Mosque. After entering the place, you will be surprised by the strange view of it where everything is being upside down. If you know about the shad tehari ghor, you will see Upside Down BD is beside this. Everything in the bedrooms, reading rooms, drawing rooms, and shower rooms are decorated with oversized lighting in the house. 

Upside Down BD Decoration

In the Upside Down BD, everything needed for the houses has been decorated with three-dimensional photography on the upside down position. Everything seems to be hanging over the head! Naturally, the amusement here is somewhat strange. If you take a picture and post that on social media, anyone will be astonished. Everything here is really astonishing than you can imagine.

Upside Down BD Decoration
Upside Down BD Decoration

The gallery, which has a size of more than 3,000 square feet, has been decorated to entertain people of different tastes. Sitting chairs, chess boards, televisions, and everything is hanging upside down. With this, there is eye-catching illumination in the house. All the elements for decorating the rooms including the various furnishings in the seven spacious rooms are also upside down. As well as there is another room called ‘Tantrik Ghar’, where you will notice that there are wonderful wall paints.

When to Visit Upside Down BD

Upside Down is open to visitors from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm. It is closed on Sunday and Monday every week. You can visit Upside Down BD with family members and friends every day except Sunday and Monday.

Upside Down BD photo

Upside Down BD Entry Fee

The entry fee to visit Upside Down BD is only Tk. 400 for adults and TK. 250 for children under 10 years but above 3 years and the entry fee is free for children under three. However, there is a separate fee to capture pictures here. For a group of five or fewer members, the fee is TK. 300. And if you have more than five people then the fee is TK. 500.

Final Verdict

The Upside Down House is an extraordinary place with a variety of outdoor decor. It is a real pleasure to visit the place and take pictures there.

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