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World Savings Day 2024: Wishes, Quotes, Messages & Poster

World Thrift Day is celebrated on 31st October across the globe and on 30th October in India. Globally observe this day aims to spread awareness about financial saving and to found basic foundation about economic concepts in society. It emphasizes on the significance of savings which shields you from unexpected crisis situations. It also aids you to further and support your aims and ambitions like having access to quality healthcare and education facilities, owning a home, starting a business and so on.

History and Significance of the Day

The first World Thrift day was inaugurated in Milan Italy by International Saving Bank Congress in 1924. In Spain the first national thrift day was celebrated in 1921, or in the United States. The aim of celebrating this day is to change our behavior towards the saving and constantly reminds us the importance of wealth.

Best way to Save Money

  • Start by controlling your expenses.
  • Make a budget.
  • Spend wisely.
  • Buy only necessary and essential things.
  • Be self-reliant.
  • Set your goals for savings.

Here is the collection of some of the newest World Savings Day messages and World Savings Day quotes to share with everyone on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

World Thrift Day

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World Savings Day (World Thrift Day) Messages

“What You Will Save Today Will Secure Your Future…. Wishing You A Very Happy World Savings Day Just To Remind You To Save A Little For A Better Tomorrow.”

“Small Saving A Day Doesn’t Hurt Much But It Does Make A Big Difference For The Times That Are Going To Come….

Happy World Savings Day.”

“World Savings Day Reminds Each One Of Us That How Important It Is To Safe And Why We Must Never Forget To Save.”

“Small Steps To Save A Little Money Can Result Into Big Savings Over A Period Of Time…. Follow This Philosophy To Have A Better Future…

Happy World Savings Day.”

Wishing A Very Happy World Savings Day To Everyone…. Don’t Spend Everything Today Because There Is Also A Tomorrow Which Waits For You.”

Quotes on World Savings Day

“Always Save A Certain Amount Of Money In Your Hands For Your Tomorrow And You Will Never Regret… A Very Happy World Savings Day To You.”

“It Is Good To Buy What You Like Now For Yourself But It Is Even Better To Save For Yourself When You Can.”

– Anonymous.

“Savings That You Make Today Never Go Waste Because They Do Help You In Times Of Need…. Warm Wishes On World Savings Day To You.”

“Smallest Of The Savings Made Today Have The Power To Give You A Better Future… Never Give Up On The Habit Of Saving.

“Savings Are Very Important, For The Unpredictable Tomorrow And For A Happier Tomorrow….

Happy World Savings Day.”

“Economic Resources Of The Country Should Be Utilized For The Well Being Of The Poor. The Change Will Commence From This Point – Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister Of India.”


“Saving Money Is The Best Gift You Can Give To You Future Self.”

– Anonymous.

“Celebrate The Occasion Of World Savings Day By Reminding Each One Around You To Save, To Secure The Lives Of Your Loved Ones.”

Today also:

World Savings Day Wishes

  • “On World Savings Day, let’s make a promise to ourselves – to save for a brighter future and a secure tomorrow.”
  • “May your savings grow like a strong tree, providing shade and security in times of need. Happy World Savings Day!”
  • “Saving is the first step towards financial freedom. Here’s to a future filled with financial stability. Happy World Savings Day!”
  • “Your savings today are your financial security tomorrow. Keep saving and prospering. Happy World Savings Day!”
  • “Every penny saved is a step closer to your dreams. Keep saving and reaching for the stars. Happy World Savings Day!”
  • “On this World Savings Day, remember that every small effort to save can lead to big rewards. Start today!”
  • “May your savings be the foundation of a prosperous and worry-free future. Happy World Savings Day!”
  • “Saving money is like planting seeds for a bountiful harvest in the future. Keep saving and watch your financial garden flourish. Happy World Savings Day!”
  • “As you celebrate World Savings Day, remember that your savings are a reflection of your financial discipline. Keep up the good work!”
  • “Wishing you a bright and secure financial future as you observe World Savings Day. Keep saving and building your wealth.”
  • “On this special day, let’s celebrate the art of saving and the importance of financial security. Happy World Savings Day!”
  • “Your savings today are the key to your financial freedom tomorrow. Keep saving wisely. Happy World Savings Day!”
  • “May your savings always provide you with peace of mind and the ability to pursue your dreams. Happy World Savings Day!”
  • “Remember, saving is not just about money; it’s about securing your future and achieving your goals. Happy World Savings Day!”
  • “Here’s to a future filled with financial stability, opportunities, and prosperity. Happy World Savings Day!”

These wishes can be used to inspire others to save wisely and to celebrate the importance of financial security on World Savings Day.

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