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Eat Outside Day 2024: History, Celebration, Wishes, Messages, Quotes

August 31, there is an interesting day called Eat Outside Day.  The day is created to inspire us to eat something in the fresh air with a touch of pure nature. This is not a new idea. Our ancient forefathers grew up in nature and they cooked and ate there. Everything was natural. But we are growing up in a realistic world. Where we have many luxurious items to enjoy our life, yet we are not happy.

Actually, we have an inner attraction to open fresh air which we have got from our ancestors who lived in a jungle that was surrounded by nature. Eating in fresh and open-air gives a wonderful feeling.  So let’s go to know how we may celebrate this exceptional day.

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History Of Eat Outside Day

There is a long history of eating outside. Ancient people are totally dependent on hunting. Even medieval period hunting was a big source of meat.  So eating outside was a common thing. In the time of the French Revolution in 1789, the former Royal Parks were opened to the public, and people used them for socializing, bringing food to share, and enjoying it together. At a similar time, pleasure gardens were created in the U.S. These were private spaces where a family could walk, play any outdoor games, and enjoy a meal. Eating at a park or garden becomes very popular in our modern age.

Eat Outside Day
Eat Outside Day

After the Second World War, our world becomes globalized and you can now easily and quickly travel to any interesting place with your family and even you can arrange a BBQ party. The Eat Outside Day is celebrated on August 31, because at that time the weather is suitable for enjoying this day.

These Suggestions and Tips May Help You

 When It Is Raining

If it’s raining you can still eat outside but do so undercover with a gazebo or tent that will let you enjoy the great outdoors whilst shielding you from the rain.

Be Light and Use Finger Food 

If you’re picnicking, then we suggest finger food to save using disposable plates and cutlery.

Choose Public Place

You can picnic on public lands, like parks and the countryside. You need permission for private land, such as farmers’ fields and private estates and gardens.

Eat Outside Day
Eat Outside Day

How to Celebrate Eat Outside Day

Dine at an outdoor restaurant

Treat yourself to a meal at a restaurant with outdoor seating. You can enjoy delicious food without any of the faffs, and enjoy the great outdoors whilst you dine.

Picnic in the park

Great for kids or larger groups, a picnic is the quintessential outdoor eating experience. You can take savory snacks with you and fulfill your sweet tooth at the ice cream truck.

Use your garden for the Eat Outside Day

Take the table outside and eat in your garden for an easy and cost-effective way to celebrate. With a BBQ, you can even do the cooking outside too!

Interesting Facts about Picnics

To enjoy the actual taste of the Eat Outside Day you should go for a hunt in the jungle. It would be more enjoyable and adventurous. But it is not very easy to go hunting because of many restrictions. So you can take another alternative and that is arranging a picnic to enjoy the day. Now I am sharing some interesting facts about picnics below.

You can picnic and protest

In 1989, the Pan-European Picnic was organized on both sides of the Hungarian/Austrian border as part of the fight for German reunification.

The teddy bears didn’t picnic at first

The children’s song, ‘The Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ was originally called ‘The Teddy Bear’s Two-Step’ when it was composed in 1907, but changed when the lyrics were added later, in 1930.

Robin Hood loved to picnic

One of the earliest accounts of picnicking comes from the stories of Robin Hood, in which Robin and his band of Merry Men would eat bread, cheese, and beer in the forest.

They’re important in Australian literature

Considered by critics to be one of Australia’s best novels, “Picnic at Hanging Rock” centers around the unresolved mystery of a missing girl — author Joan Lindsay’s original draft resolved the mystery with the suggestion of a time warp, but that chapter was removed before publication.

They weren’t always outside

Originally, picnics took place inside, with the distinction from a dinner party being that all guests brought a dish for everyone to share.

Advantages of Eat Outside Day

There are two major benefits or advantages of celebrating this day.

Eat Outside Day
Eat Outside Day in social media

Enjoy Nature

There’s always something interesting and wonderful thing in nature to enjoy it. The local wildlife to the changing seasons would be very relaxing and may bring happiness to your life.

Beneficial for Health

Getting fresh air boosts our energy and be beneficial for both our mental- and physical health, so take a deep breath and feel that goodness in your lungs! Really touch of nature and enjoying the beauty of the outside keep you more energetic and healthy.

Eat Outside Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes

1. When you feel life is boring, it is time that you must invite your friends and family and eat out with them, order the best dishes and make it a memorable day with the people you love…. Warm wishes on National Eat Outside Day.

2. National Eat Outside Day reminds us that it has been long and we haven’t gone out to eat….. It has been quite a time that we haven’t tried a new place, ordered something unique and enjoyed a delightful dish….. Make it happen on this wonderful day.

3. Days are happier and nights are more vibrant when you eat out…. On the occasion of National Eat Outside Day, you have got just another reason to eat out and enjoy…. So make sure that you don’t miss on this chance.

4. Every day is beautiful in its own way but today is National Eat Outside Day which is truly a more beautiful day because it celebrates food by celebrating eating out….. Enjoy this unique day with your family and friends.

5. When you are bored of a regular routine and mundane meals, it is a good time to take break and eat out with the people you love to add some energy and positivity in life…. Celebrate National Eat Outside Day by going out and eating out.

6. Eating out is truly one of the best things in life….. You get to try new places, new food and add a new charm to your life….. Wishing you a very Happy National Eat Outside Day…. May you enjoy eating out more often for the coming year.

7. If you love food then you definitely love eating out and then it is definitely your day…… Sending my best wishes to you on National Eat Outside Day because time has come to celebrate eating out with your loved ones.

8. All those who look for reasons to eat out, the will definitely have a very genuine reason to eat out today…. Today it is National Eat Outside Day and a day when we all must go out and eat out with the people who are special to us.

9. The family which eats together, stays together….. So why not celebrate National Eat Outside Day with your loving family and make it a memorable time for everyone you love….. celebrate this wonderful day by enjoying a good meal.


Our life is full of stress and suffering and our worldly life doesn’t give us any relaxation. But to keep us energetic and productive we need refreshment in our daily life. Enjoying the Eat Outside Day helps us to feel relax and stress-free and make us more active.

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