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National Egg Roll Day 2024 – June 10 | Quotes, Messages and Wishes

The crispy outside and the blast of flavors inside of an egg roll is the ultimate snack for an afternoon craving. What’s not there to love about this savory item for your quick tea break session? This is the perfect munch to meet the cravings of both adults and kids. Did you know that there is a ‘National Egg Roll Day’ to celebrate this little heavenly finger food? Let us know a little more about this day.

National Egg Roll Day Date and Some Key Facts

National Egg Roll Day Date is on 10th of June. Eggs rolls may be termed as the cousin brother of a spring roll! Both are there to make us happy at any time. Keeping National Egg Roll Day ahead of us, let us check some facts:

  • The restaurant ‘Van’s Kitchen’ launched this day in 2024
  • Egg rolls are Chinese-American by origin
  • Chefs Van & Kim Nguyen founded Van’s Kitchen in 1986
  • These Vietnamese chefs first introduced this Chinese delicacy in Dallas, Texas.
  • This year it’s the 2nd National Egg Roll Day and will be celebrated all over the USA
Egg Roll Day
Egg and Sausage Breakfast Egg Rol

How to celebrate National Egg Roll Day?

Every national day has memories of a certain event and people related to that event. When hardworking Van and Kim Nguyen moved to the USA, they had this dream to serve people the best egg rolls made with fresh ingredients.

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Their dream is a blessing to us. Now you can enjoy a tasty batch of egg rolls with your friends and family on the 10th of June to observe National Egg Roll Day. Try having an ‘egg roll eating competition’ with your friends. You can also make new egg rolls with your preferred filling! Maybe invent a sauce that makes those egg rolls tastier. This way you are offering respect to those diligent Vietnamese women.

Kinds of Egg Rolls You can Enjoy in National Egg Roll Day

Egg rolls are the kind of rolls that contains eggs as the main ingredients. It is wrapped in a wheat flour layer and deep-fried in oil. The eggs are seasoned with many kinds of spices to bring out the best flavor. Often vegetables like cabbage and carrot make their appearances to complement the whole item. Sometimes it contains noodles too!

Egg Roll Day Quotes
Homemade Fried Pork EggRolls

Though nowadays this Chinese side dish has many new forms, recent egg roll recipes may or may not contain eggs. The filling can be made of varieties of meat or fish. Even all-vegetarian ‘egg’ rolls are very famous all over the world. No wonder custom made egg rolls are the first choice when it comes to choosing an appetizer at a restaurant. You can always hand-made egg rolls or buy a frozen pack and relish a perfect National Egg Roll Day with your family.

National Egg Roll Day Quotes, Messages and Wishes

  1. May each and every day of your life, you are served with a unique plate full of deviled eggs for a healthy and delicious start of your day….. Happy National Egg Roll Day.
  2. On the occasion of National Egg Roll Day, I wish you the tastiest and yummiest deviled eggs for a delightful breakfast and snack.
  3. Sending you best wishes on National Egg Roll Day along with lots of love for a healthy and nutritious snack to enjoy!!!
  4. The best and yummiest way to add eggs to your meals is by having them as deviled eggs…. Have a healthy life…. Have a Happy National Egg Roll Day.
  5. May the taste and flavors of deviled eggs fill your life with new opportunities and new hopes…. Best wishes on National Egg Roll Day.
  6. Deviled Eggs give you the opportunity to use your creativity and cook something nice the way you like…. On National Egg Roll Day, be creative!!!
  7. Be it breakfast or dinner, deviled eggs make a promising dish to make every meal a special one….. Wishing you National Egg Roll Day.
  8. May you never run out of deviled eggs… Wishing you a healthy, wholesome National Egg Roll Day!!!
  9. May each day you are surprised with a new recipe of delivered eggs….. Sending you lots of love on National Egg Roll Day.
  10. Let us celebrate National Egg Roll Day by treating ourselves with the endless variety of deviled eggs that never fail to impress!!!

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These little fried burritos are surely the best kind of appetizer. No matter what you are doing, a quick egg roll break will fix your mood. Observe National Egg Roll Day 2024 with the kind of egg rolls you love the most and do not forget to dip them in your favorite sauce before doing so! Happy National Egg Roll day to you all!

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