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National Pet Memorial Day 2024: History, Activities, Images

National Pet Memorial Day, which is on every second Sunday in September. This year it will be on September 11 when the pet owners across the country commemorate their favorite pets who have passed. As pets are very important in our lives – while they often die in front of us, it’s not an easy loss. We remember some of our favorite pets for the rest of our lives, and there are many ways to remember pets. National Pet Memorial Day is a great day to think about your favorite pets and pay tribute to their memories.

History of National Pet Memorial Day

Throughout history, the role of pets in our lives has changed drastically with our living conditions and culture, and so we have also found ways to honor our pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Since the first wolf cubs were domesticated and the first barnyard cats were made pets, standout hairy friends have captured people’s hearts and worked their way up to feel like our family.

There is evidence that dogs were domesticated until 26,000 BC when ancient footprints showed that a child and a dog were once walking in a cave. Pet memorabilia began around 14,000 BC, first in what is now Germany. Pet memorabilia from 7,000 BC have been found in China and North America since 11,000 BCE. While Native Americans often bury their dogs when they die, showing pets has long had an impact on our hearts!

Even the heroes of the era kept their pets memorable. Alexander the Great, for example, loved his Mastiff. When he died in 350 BC, he held a formal burial and procession, as well as erected a monument in his honor.

Observe National Pet Memorial Day

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Remembering Your Favorite Pet

Whether it’s a picture on your wall, a video of your dog playing with your child, or an old collar on your back, there are many ways people can remember their lost hairy family.

Show Sympathy to a Friend Who Has Lost a Pet

Acute damage to a good pet is incredibly difficult to overcome. Bring a stuffed animal in a collar with their pet’s name, bake their cookies or send flowers. The slightest gesture of support becomes incredibly valuable in times of loss.

Take Extra Care on National Pet Memorial Day

This is a great day to appreciate hairy friends who are still by your side. Love for your pet is a little harder today. Take them to the animal doctor to get a regular checkup. Always try to keep them as healthy and happy as possible.

National Pet Memorial Day Image
National Pet Memorial Day Image

National Pet Memorial Day Activities

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Donate to Animal Shelter

Pet funerals are a way to celebrate the life of a pet, just as you would for another member of the family. You can ask for donations to the animal shelter in honor of your four-legged friend.

Memory box

Put all your favorite memories in one place, including a cute pet box

Pet Memory Jewelry

Pet Memorial Jewelry has a wide array of choices to choose from so you can keep your pet’s memories with you at all times.

Blade and frame

Pet Memorial Frames are specially designed to hold your pet’s collar for a heartfelt feeling or reminiscence with a picture of your hairy loved one, a handprint, or a beautiful display. The panels can turn a picture of your choice into a 3D image on a stand or, more traditionally, show a picture with the name of your pet and an inscription of your choice.

Personalized coffee mug

A creative way to keep your pet’s memory off is to get hand-painted and printed mugs with the help of a hairy face that greets you every morning.

Wind chimes and stones

If your pet likes to spend time in the backyard or yard, it would be appropriate to create an outdoor pet memorial.

Animal replicas

A unique way to capture the memory of a pet is to have a custom plush or felt look.


For a lasting memory, hang a drawing or painting of your four-level friend in your home. Or, create a framed print featuring one of these comfortable quotes to pay tribute to the wonderful bond you and your pet share.

Pet Memorial Day Images

Plant a tree on National Pet Memorial Day

Pay homage to your passing cat or dog by planting them inside or outside a pot in their memory. Each time you water it, grab a bunch of its scent or sit in its shade to remind you of your hairy friend. You can also get a kit that can grow a tree from seed using your pet’s ashes.

National Pet Memorial Day Images

National Pet Memorial Day Images


We are not alone in remembering some of our favorite pets for the rest of our lives, and there are many ways to remember pets. National Pet Memorial Day is a great day to think about your favorite pets and pay tribute to their memories.

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