Australia National Day 2024 Wishes for Family, Friends

You can let your patriotic sideshow by sending your friends and families Australia National Day Wishes. This day comes around only once a year and that day is January 26th, 2024. The anniversary of the arrival at the port of Jackson, New South Wales of the first fleet of British vessels in 1788, is marked by Governor Arthur Phillip expanding the reach of Great Britain to Sydney Cove.

In Australia today, the festivities are a representation of Australia’s diverse society and countryside and include community and family gatherings, Australian history reflections, and various community celebrations.

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Australia National Day Wishes

Looking for Australia National Day Wishes? We have come up with some Australia National Day Wishes for you. Go through them and see which ones you like the best. Your friends and family will be delighted to see them!

Australia Day Wishes

  1. Wishing all the proud Australians a joyous Australia Day! May God bestow blessings on this great nation of ours forever.
  2. On Independence Day, our wish for a new tomorrow comes true for us, now and always! Happy Australia Day!
  3. Freedom comes with the responsibility for it. As people of our country, let us make a commitment to work for the betterment of our nation. Best wishes to you on Australia Day.
  4. Always be proud and pleased to be part of our country. It’s such a special day; it’s our National Day. I am sending my congratulation wishes on your way!
  5. Happy Independence Day to all of the Australians. We must remain free in our minds, let our faith reflect willingness and words remain proud of the nation we stand for, and do all we can to make the country better. Let us doff our hats to welcome the nation on its birthday.
  6. Let us pay tribute to all the brave hearts who have given their lives to the next generation. They are the reason we are proud to be Australians, happy Australia Day!
  7. Let us take our time today to honor every patriot. Without the people who have died for this nation. Independence would have been a fantasy. Consider what they did to us; a debt that we will never repay. Happy Independence Day!
  8. Today is the day to treasure this land that is our identity and our heart! Today is the day to keep your cranium high and yell out loud that you are an Australian, and you are proud to be one! Wish you a Happy Australia Day!
  9. Warm wishes to you on Australia Day! Let us enjoy this special day with special people to build magical memories for the days to come.
  10. If you’re from Down Under, you have no excuse not to be proud of whom you are! Wishing you a wonderful Straya Day!

Australia National Day Wishes for Family

  • “Happy Australia Day to our wonderful family! May this day be filled with joy, unity, and a deep appreciation for the beautiful country we call home.”

  • “Wishing my amazing family a Happy Australia Day! Let’s celebrate the diversity, resilience, and the strong bonds that make our Australian family truly special.”
  • “On this Australia Day, I feel grateful to share the beauty of this land with my beloved family. May our love for each other mirror the love we have for our incredible country.”
  • “Cheers to a day of family, friends, and all the things that make Australia great! Happy Australia Day to my extraordinary family.”
  • “As we gather on Australia Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the blessings of family and the freedom we enjoy in this beautiful nation. Happy Australia Day!”
  • “To my cherished family, Happy Australia Day! May the spirit of this nation fill our hearts with pride, love, and a sense of belonging.”
  • “Wishing my family a day filled with laughter, love, and a true Aussie spirit! Happy Australia Day to the ones who make this country feel like home.”
  • “On Australia Day, I’m grateful for the gift of family and the bond that ties us together. May our lives be as rich and vibrant as this incredible land we call home.”
  • “Happy Australia Day to my dear family! May the memories we create today be as lasting and beautiful as the landscapes that surround us.”
  • “To the heartbeat of my life – my family – Happy Australia Day! May our journey together be as adventurous and remarkable as the history of this great nation.”
  • “On this special day, let’s celebrate the joy of being a part of this incredible family and the pride of being Australians. Happy Australia Day!”
  • “Happy Australia Day to my family, the anchors of my life. May our bonds remain unbreakable, and our love for each other deepen with every passing year.”
  • “As we raise a toast to this great nation, let’s also celebrate the unity and love that defines our family. Happy Australia Day to the ones who make my world complete.”
  • “Wishing my family a Happy Australia Day filled with shared stories, laughter, and the warmth of togetherness. Here’s to the wonderful journey we continue to embark on together.”
  • “To the ones who make Australia feel like home – my family. Happy Australia Day! May our hearts be filled with gratitude for the privilege of living in this amazing country.”


National day is an important part of Australian heritage. We hope you celebrate the day appropriately. Our Australia National Day Wishes should help you spread the festivities and helps you celebrate. Happy Australia National Day to you!

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